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  1. Just purchased one. Recovering from surgery but will be out on it soon. Will try and give some feedback...going to be interesting having moved from 2T bikes for the first time
  2. Airoh every day. Tried lots of brands, almost bought a shoei but opted for Airoh. £100 cheaper and far lighter
  3. Anyone know what's happening with Raw Sports? Don't seem to be able to get trials jeans in common sizes anywhere....
  4. Evening all. Is it me or is the front brake pad retention method on the braktec caliper a complete load of sh*t? Seems to me to be a complete faff/fiddle to get the pads out. When I did flick the clip out, it appears that you have to move one pad inwards towards the centre plane of the caliper in order for it to drop out which means forcing the other pad outwards. Am I the only one that thinks this is a crap design? Much prefer through pins normal to the pads!
  5. Hi, can anyone tell me the torque to apply to the M8 bolts at the front of the sump guard that fasten it to the frame? Bike is a '17 TXT Racing, bolts are 12.9 Unbrako by the look of it. Cheers
  6. Speak to Laurence at BVM over the phone, he often knows of good private bikes for sale outside of the shop. I've sold bikes like this before. Theyre not going to put their name to any old crap so it will generally be decent ?
  7. Just done this mod on my old man's 2011 evo. Wow, just wow. Can't believe what a difference it's made. Thanks guys, doesn't jump at all when selecting gear from cold or warm, can pick neutral easy. Perfect.
  8. Yeah I've tried Kelley Carbon before, hes not making a lot of the stuff on his site. I don't understand why you can't get many of the covers for the latest bike, especially as its been out a while now. Must be a market for it
  9. Dave, I've seen at least 3 or 4 trials cancelled in the last month local to the Kidderminster area. If the fixture list isnt likely to be accurate, what's the point in having it? Im another that asks regular if certain trials are on. The fact of the matter is, the centre is not what it was, particularly clubs in and around the West Midlands. Nobody doubts that people are putting themselves out for us to ride, to which many of us appreciate. That said, if your hearts not in it as an organiser or not so motivated anymore then what's the point? The Midland centre could learn an awful lot from the Western Centre, many of my rides are entered via the acu website down here - this is the future, together with social media. I think the Midlands is crying out for new blood, new clubs etc. I'm fortunate I'm near Gloucester now, if I was still in the West Midlands I could see me interest waining because the likes of Stour, Bewdley, Dudley etc do not run events like they did 20 years ago.
  10. Hi all. Does anyone know of a suitable clutch cover guard (abs or c fibre) for the 2017 bike? I can see that many are listed as being not suitable due to new water pump design. Does anyone know of anything available? Ive been reliably told the trickbits one does not fit. Cheers
  11. Ok, so, I did get to the point where I made this work. In summary, using the stock spindle would require a large spindle spacer and would also need either the disc standing off the stock hub to reach the caliper or the brake caliper standing off the fork leg to do the same (the latter not being the best option of the two for me). I decided that this was a poor solution so went a bit further. I tried using a sherco spindle alone and found that it clamped the wheel far better but still doesn't work; you will find that when the spindle is tightened, the wheel sits considerably off centre in the direction of the disc (approx 6mm or so). In order to correct this, you will need either a new hub/wheel build or a completely new wheel suited to a tech fork. I got hold of a Jitsie one for a new Sherco (and new sherco disc as the stock disc sticks out considerably more and thus the disc bolt heads will catch the inside of the fork on rotation). Anyway, this ALMOST solved the fit issues - I found that the wheel still sat marginally off centreline. It wasn't a lot but was enough for the outside of the disc to rub on the inside of the caliper. I managed to rectify this with a custom 1.2mm spacer made from hardened steel (good fit) and then all worked perfectly. The 1mm error (in my opinion) could be down to fork pitch not being identical to the Sherco or Gasser which is ultimately controlled by the csp triple clamps I bought. Other than the clamps its a complete sherco front end so I can't see what else could influence this. Anyway, put it this way, its not a straightforward conversion, however it can be done. I'll try and post some pics in the week. Cheers
  12. Evoalien - because I do. Why do people buy factory versions of any particular model or any other uprated aftermarket part? I don't see how this is of any use/constructive to my question especially given that it's clear I've bought the parts at this stage. It's quite normal to want better kit last time I looked even if it doesn't make me ride any better. Anyway, I'll be sure to run it past you next time.
  13. Hi all. Looking for a bit of advice. I've recently bought some tech forks 39mm and the relevant triple clamps to run them on my 2011 evo. I've got the forks in no problem at all but when I came to assemble the wheel I noticed that the face of the threaded portion of the left fork leg that accepts the spindle is quite a bit short of where the paioli used to sit. The same can be said for the brake caliper in that I need to stand it off the fork now to reach the disc. Is it a case of just making spacers or does anyone sell a kit? Surely this has been done before? TIA
  14. Try Bikesure, I rang a lot of the suggestions above yesterday with little joy and also learned of Carole Nash upper limit. I have just got exactly what you are looking for on my Bantam for just over a ton. You need a Sold Secure chain, padlock and anchor mind - 80 quid or so
  15. For anyone that's interested, there were very few takers on the insurance front for the Drayton. Carole Nash have a 5k limit which is bordering on not being enough, Footman James didn't want to know, Peter James weren't interested as it deviates from the original bike, MSM agreed to quote but didn't get back to me. The only one I got any joy out of was Bikesure (Adrian flux I believe). I was able to spec absolutely everything on the policy for just over a ton. Seems reasonable to me. Stewart
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