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  1. Interested to know how if the 300 maintains traction as well as the 260 on super slippery rocks or trees? Also how long does the fuel last? ....remember you owners of 300RR, pictures or it did not happen
  2. Is this a good looking motorcycle? Mmmm hell yeah. congrats
  3. Well back to the issue - pictures and ride reports please
  4. Guys, pictures....or it did not happen
  5. Yes please share opinions and pics of your new 300RR ?
  6. Any pictures? how is the Montesa rated when it comes to reliability?? had Sherco 290. Not perfect but still overall good and VERY reliable
  7. motoxleo

    Montesa 300RR

    Are there any owners of Montesa 300rr? like to hear how this bike handles and performs. It sure looks good new, maybe black colour is not so practical??
  8. Hello. Is there a ton of difference between 260 amd 280 Montesa? any issues such as reliability, handling, fuel burn? Thanks
  9. Thanks Jon, for you effort to help. This info will get me up and running with the Keihin. Jon is very common from where I come from (Iceland). However, IOM has a strong Viking heritage. I
  10. Thanks Jon Your name suggest you have Scandinavian roots :-) Any chance I can find part numbers somewhere on the internet for the items I need to convert the carburetor? I also have a 2006 Sherco 2.9 I might want to do the same to as the Keihin delivers so much smoother action. Do you know if the Keihin needs the same parts to work for the Sherco?
  11. Gentlemen I have a Keihin carb from KX85 Im putting on my 280cc Gasser. Does anyone know what I need to buy to modify the interior of the carb (jet sizes, needles, etc) ? Thanks
  12. Maybe its the "wrong" place to ask this question, but anyone know of good trials shops or clubs in Milan Italy? On holiday with wife and when she goes shopping for shoes I want to have something more constructive (shopping) to do, like checking out the Italian way of doing trials. So any ideas guys?
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