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  1. I was thinking about using some Betor forks off a Bultaco. I assume I'd have a new stem turned to make the conversion. With the stock yoke should I use leading axle forks or not? Or should do some math to figure out the geometry beforehand?
  2. I've got a line on Bultaco wheels and some Betor forks. That should help.
  3. I maybe able to get the CS engine. That will shave a few pounds off. Only 300 more to go!
  4. Is it true the 350 will go slower and accelerate faster than the 500?
  5. That is so awesome! I have no idea what you mean about costs getting out of hand... I'll also be able to add the "idiot on board" entertainment value! Where can I find out more about your bike? What year, model, mag, forks, wheels, etc.
  6. I guess running a heavyweight is going to be an exclusive club. All the more reason to go for it.
  7. Doesn't sound like problems, it sounds like opportunities! Slap a new Concetric on, Timesert the head steady hole and put a breather on it to stop the bubbles. Next?
  8. Has anyone else here built an AJS? Any tips?
  9. http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/60122-2016-ahmra-crooked-river-trials/?p=425762 Well, it was beautiful weather and aside from section 8 a fun trials. You need to have a Sherpa T tucked away in a corner for when your English bikes gives you fits. ;-)
  10. Have you put electronic ignitions in any of them?
  11. This is the video I shot at the vintage trials in Eastern Oregon yesterday. I suspect the landscape is a little different that our European friends encounter. There is deep sand and when there isn't sand there is deep powdery dirt. I only ride about two trials a year so I get rusty over the winter. At least that's the excuse I'm going with. That and I'm getting older (yesterday was my birthday) and I had no intention of getting too hurt, which is a why I skipped that one section. I was going to post this in the Trials Video section but I thought the classic people would appreciate it more.
  12. I didn't see you at Crooked River, did you not make it down? Is this Jody's bike?
  13. Several years ago I bought this Cagiva but never could get it running right. The previous owner mentioned he wouldn't mind getting it back from me. So at the recent vintage bike show I see he has this AJS so I offer to swap the bikes. He gets the Cagiva and I end up with ANOTHER project. Fortunately for both of us he agrees. This last box is fully of freshly chromed parts. Unfortunately this includes the oil tank, which I think should be black. I haven't had a chance to fully inventory the parts. Then again I barely know what it should look like when it's complete! I went out today and looked at the parts more carefully, here are some more pics: I believe this is the frame number? I'd like to build a trials bike out of it. Probably sell the chrome bits and get an alloy tank and oil tank.
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