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  1. Come on over and bid! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-bultaco-model-27-sherpa-t-san-antonio/
  2. Well, some months later....I’ve finally got the 27 up and running..it was a fun journey..but I’m afraid my riding days are about done.. so I’m thinking of letting it go..where is best place to advertise something like this?
  3. manndolins


    Hughes Bultaco have some that they think they will fit..on their way.. Will report when tried. thanks!
  4. manndolins


    Thanks for replies! I hadn't considered the Whitworth possibility... I thought that was just a British thing..but makes sense.. I may try the tap idea..when I forced the one on it didn't seem to remove much material so I think threads would still be viable .. going to think on it for few..
  5. manndolins


    Ok, I have m M-27 spokes all cleaned up and zinc plated...ordered some aftermarket 8G brass nipples off ebay..from Taiwan ...thinking 8G "4mm" metric nipples should all be about the same...they arrived, look great, don't fit..sure looks like same thread and will go if forced..but I think spoke may just be cutting new threads in brass nipple..I read somewhere, on a Husky forum, that some older spoke threads are rolled, not cut, which makes them an odd size..anyone know what thread size/pitch is on these early spokes/nipples?...and where to find them? thanks!
  6. Thanks guys.. I guess I'll give the 340's a try
  7. Could someone verify shock length for m-27? .. I have some 340mm on order.. Because I saw somewhere that that was correct...after digging out and measuring what I thought were original Betors I'm having doubts...they are 325mm thanks!
  8. Here's all 3 ..just in case..
  9. The plating is fun to me.. I had used the caswell gold plating kits before...so I was familiar with the concept..but the zinc is cool because it's all household stuff..vinegar, epson salts, sugar..some zinc anodes..and a old phone charger (around 5 volt dc) .. the M27 has same hub as yours I believe..that extra bend is why I decided to save mine. Here's the 3 spokes on mine
  10. painted tank..almost ready to start putting together
  11. Not sure what to do about shocks...they came apart easy enough..but can't find seals anywhere and they were shot..thought about trying the OZO pro shocks anyone tried those?
  12. Well, about four years later....finally started working on the M27..had the frame powder coated..been busy painting some bits and pieces and home zinc plating others ...still planning on a rider resto.. here's what it has looked like for last few years..
  13. I'm about at same stage on frame with my M27.. If I can find time I'll start a new thread to document transition. I was lucky enough that all my rear spokes were intact and not to bent up..took some doing to get them undone without damage.. I will need new nipples..I am trying some home zinc plating on a few other parts and had a go at it on spokes ....seems to be working ok..plating 6 at a time..they won't be shiny chrome but at least clean and hopefully won"t rust right away..
  14. Hi Gary, just wanted say I'll be watching this thread.. I have a M27 that I've been trying to find time to work on on for last year.. So please post pics and progress.. Seeing these posts reminds that I need to get my bum in the garage and get to work on it...btw I believe mine has the aftermarket clamp Jon
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