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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong ttspud but from what I can see you want to implement a set of rules for p65 bikes that only allows period mods? As others have tried to allude to are you fully aware of what mods were being carried out in period? Lightweight Reynolds tubed frames, alloy rims, magnesium crank cases, better shock absorbers, modified front suspension, hubs from different bikes...... as they say in investing circles DYOR and a caveat please don't ask me to prove it, I'm at work and I don't have the time....
  2. time for this topic to draw to a close I think
  3. At this event there are still original p65 bikes in the entry, however for the p65 original entry by itself the trial was barely viable. As we say in Scotland ttspud you are havering! Does the work of King Canute interest you at all?
  4. I can only speak from my own personal experience but an event relatively local to me ran for many years for p65 only bike and achieved an entry of around 40. The trial ran 18 sections over two laps for 2 days so the number of observers required was almost equal to the riders. The organising club opened the event up to twinshock bikes and changed to two routes and the event grew in popularity to around 100 riders. The event was further boosted by creating a theme and guest riders for each year and now entries are over subscribed. It's pretty much the opposite to what your perceived issue is. The demand for events for original p65 bikes may already be satisfied by what out there Talmag etc.?
  5. Trials is further fragmented by the other contentious rules (stop vs. no stop) I think folk just need to get out and ride their bikes and remember what it is that attracted us to the sport in the first place. I don't think anyone will change each others opinion in this setting but maybe a post trial beverage shared would get folk on the same page
  6. what is it you are looking to achieve ttspud? It looks like your options are to ride your bike in events that are currently run and accept the rules those events but in which the majority of other competitors are cheats or as has been posted earlier organise your own events with the rules which you believe to be correct which you have stated you have no interest in. How about just going out and riding your bike. The trials shangri-la you seek may or may not exist but you'll never find out from the comfort of your keyboard.
  7. Isn't the whole point of trials to ride a motorbike around the plotted course and gain pleasure from the experience? The test is of man and machine vs the course, if another fellow competitor has the means, ability/wallet to modify his chosen machine within the rules then good luck to him. I've ridden classic trials with many classes and two different routes and ridden ones with one single route for all, the most important part was that I had fun riding my bike, getting mired in rules and eligibility never crossed my mind when I was attempting the route. As stated above was Sammy Miller cheating when he modified his Ariel to within an inch of its life or was he just a fierce competitor using all the skills and equipment he had at his disposal? Others rode similar bikes but did not achieve the same success as Samuel Hamilton Miller.
  8. Totally agree, rode a 200 Evo at a trial between changing my Evo 250's and found it to be excellent. Got caught out once on a hillclimb when I didn't give it enough but that was my fault!
  9. Thanks Lee. Just offered up my rebuilt rear wheel and it wouldn't fit. Just measured it and drum face to centre of rim is 83mm.
  10. Can anyone give me the measurement for a Fantic 300 rear wheel from the face of the drum to the edge of the rim? Thanks, Hamish
  11. I would say that the severity of past trials may put some folks on the old bikes off. I've been the last 2 years but have other commitments this weekend so will not be able to attend. Hamish
  12. My engine has seen better days and there was a kroo for sale and I wondered were the two compatible as outwardly the cases looked similar. Also seeing the 300 at the Scottish with a hydraulic clutch I wondered what bike they were off.
  13. Thanks for the info Lee. Am I right in thinking only the '94 K-roo engines that have hydraulic clutches? Hamish
  14. Will the hydraulic Bottom end of a K-Roo be compatible with the top end of an air cooled engine?
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