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  1. Fantic 309

    This is for a 307 but as they're pretty similar to 309 might give you information you need. Fantic_307_parts_list.pdf
  2. Fantic Motor 250 Section 1995 FM364

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For Sale. Fantic Section 250 FM364 trials bike. 1995 "N" reg. V5 in my name currently SORN. All plastics, decals and paint finishes original so not mint, expect some usual scuffs and scraps. Wearing 1996 plastics as I prefer the red rather than the original black and orange. Have the original plastics that will come with sale. Doesn't overheat even in hottest weather, fan cuts in when warmed up. Hydraulic clutch works a treat. Exhaust valve tested and working. S3 Hardrock footrests. 40mm Marzocchi forks have perfect stanchions, they were new old stock and have only being on the bike a couple of years. Completely gone through, new carburetor, clutch, wheel bearings, steering bearings, all linkage bearings bushes replaced. Sorted classic trials bike that is ready to ride. Have some used parts that I'll also include. Couple of frames, rear shock, fuel tank, radiator etc. There is a complete 250 Section engine that needs rear mount welding. Regrettable sale due to too many bikes and a lack of space, not to mention lack of money! No part exchange. Location, Southgate, North London near J24 M25. Please call for full details 07950 066577

    1,250.00 GBP

  3. Fantic Motor 309 Mono

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    Fantic Motor 309 air cooled mono 1991 "H" reg V5c in my name (SORN). Factory spec unmolested bike in sorted ready to use condition. Engine rebuilt with con rod kit, new carburetor, forks rebuilt, rear shock rebuilt by Falcon. Original plastics and paint finish. Original frame headstock and foot peg hangers. Footrests are modified aftermarket jobs that work very well. Runs perfectly and needs nothing. Located near J24 M25 No part exchange. For more details or to view please call 07950 066577.

    1,500.00 GBP

  4. 240 Clutch Springs?

    Don't know of lighter springs but I'm sure some there must be some the same length and diameter but with less tension out there somewhere. Just wonder if lighter springs give a nicer lever pull but slip due to being too weak, trial and error I guess. I use an extension to the clutch arm too and find the effort better but if there was any lighter springs I'd be up for trying a set.
  5. Fantic 200 sticky front forks/front break/oil leak

    If you think about how the forks slid up and down you can quite easily check why they are sticking. Presuming the forks are in good condition with correct oil and sound springs etc, here's a few things to try. With the bike on a stand I removed the top caps and fork springs, leaving the front wheel and mudguard brace. The forks should then slide up and down without any binding or sticking. You can try rotating the stanchions, sometimes they have a slight bend or high spot that can cause issues. Also sticking could be down to a wrong size spacer making the wheel pull in or push out the forks. Try loosing the axle or removing the wheel and see if that helps. Brake drum damage... you can get the steel lining replaced by a specialist. I have seen someone offering this service via a facebook page recently for about £45 plus postage. Alternatively find a good used one. I'm very not familiar with the rear kick 156cc engine so can't help with oil leak but hopefully the seal could be changed from outside the callings.
  6. Fantic 241 oil leak from Gearbox

    I've always called it a clutch cover, not sure if that the correct terminology. If you find a cover for an FM450 with a good sight glass it would save you fitting a new one to yours. Two birds, one stone! I've never seen a Fantic with matching engine a chassis numbers. I'd imagine the engines and frames were stamped separately in different parts of the factory and brought together for assembly. Frame number is on the headstock tube. As for gear oil you'll get lots of different advice and the truth is they're all probably right. ATF is favored by many as is specifically designed light gear oil. I have used both as well as 0w30 and 5w30 engine oil, all worked fine. You will need to change at regular intervals so you'll get plenty of chance to experiment for yourself.
  7. Fantic 241 oil leak from Gearbox

    Engine code and cc is stamped on the upper right hand side crankcase. If you have four head bolts is 212cc if you have five is 249cc.
  8. Fantic 241 oil leak from Gearbox

    Replacement oil level viewers are available if your's is damaged. The oil leak will be simple to fix, these bikes aren't know to have oil leak issues. Should be easy enough to see where the oil is coming from.
  9. 240 Swinging arm bolt removal

    Yes it is threaded into the frame, sorry I said otherwise earlier I was thinking of later Fantics. Had to go and have a look at my spare 240 frame as I really couldn't remember there being a thread but there defiantly is! The other end has a 10mm allen key and the thick washer is held on by a snap ring so can be removed once the spindle is out. If your spindle doesn't have this end then it's probably from another bike. You will need to unscrew it to get it out presuming it's threaded as original or just go for cutting it as mentioned. I bought one from Bosisio Motori but they are now sold out. If Bill Pye or Bob Right don't have one then you are welcome to the one in the picture for free. It's got some wear but better than nothing until you can find a new one or possibly get a copy made, it would be a handy template.
  10. 240 Swinging arm bolt removal

    Here's an old I have. It's not threaded into the frame just the nut on the end you've already removed. I'm guessing the ridges are stopping it from sliding back out or maybe the bearings are rusted to the spindle. I know a friend had a heck of a job getting one out of a 301.
  11. Fantic section 125 Info

    Is the clutch slip only when you pull 5th or 6th gear? New springs are always a good idea but have a look at the plates while you have the springs out. The metal plates can wear too especially the alloy type. If I remember right the new friction plates are 3mm thick. If you've not already aware of how to clean off the glue and tidy up the friction plates have a search for "Beta clutch fix" and give the friction plates a look at. It can reduce clutch drag and slip under load. Raising the overall gearing will help your road speed but will obviously have an adverse effect on slow speed trials riding. Might be hard for a 125cc to pull the higher gearing over obstacles too. I've never rebuilt Section 40mm Marzocchi forks but I have a pair that need seals so please let us know how you get on.
  12. Fantic section 125 Info

    Love my 250 Section but I'd not entertain a 125cc bike due to the possible lack of power to lug my 6'2" 14 stone around. Don't know if the 125cc Section suffers as bad as the 250cc bikes but as mentioned expect either damage or repairs to rear engine mount and frame down tubes.
  13. Fantic 305 carb jetting

    I've personally haven't re-jetted any of my old bikes but I have found it necessary to get the octane up to avoid the unwanted knocking (especially on the over run) when hot. Air cooled bikes from that era seem to suffer from it. I use Fuelx Formula 6 octane booster with super unleaded and have found all those issues stop. Another point on all my Fantics is the pattern head gaskets I have come across are rather thin so I used two of them to bring keep the compression to the original specs.
  14. Climber Forks

    As mentioned lots of good used upside down trials forks out there, just buy a complete set and you're sorted! I personally wouldn't pay too much attention to all the bad press USD forks get. I like the ones on my 309. For an average rider on middle route sections they work great. I saw Richard Allen (07917 406313) had a few sets a couple of weeks ago. If you go down the traditional fork route he could also help.
  15. Fantic 305 noise

    Wish I'd had a closer look to compare the piston on my 309 when I had it apart. Is it thought that Fantic fitted a stronger piston for the 309? Perhaps from a K-Roo?