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  1. I have a spare crank for a 98. big end feels good. 50 plus post unless you can pick up
  2. Hi McMan. I just emptied my message inbox, you should be able to pm me now
  3. I have one of these with the 80mm centres, from a Beta Techno. can post to the US. PM if you're interested
  4. Great. Thanks Fantic 240 Messaged you.
  5. Hi. I have some old Sidi Zeros in very good condition, the problem is I am missing 4 of the straps which are different to the newer ones. Apparently they are now obsolete, so was wondering if anyone has some spares or a lead to some. Ive put up a picture to show the difference between old on the right and new type on the left. Thanks in advance Steve
  6. I have 2 spare CDI boxes for the 99. Are you sure it is this that has failed? as it is usually the stators that fail. pm me if you want one
  7. Make sure you have freeplay at the lever Ie the lever does nothing for a bit before it starts to disengage. The piston in the master cylinder needs to fully retract to allow the pressure to release. If you don't have any freeplay the pressure increases with each pull of the lever with no way of releasing,
  8. rgvlc

    Beta Help

    Blue from CDI goes to frame / earth. Yellow lead from box connects to yellow from stator,( another yellow is split from this to power the fan circuit ) one kill switch wire goes to red / white the other goes to frame / earth
  9. Hi Mike. The 99 doesn't have an expansion tank just an elongated filling nozzle. The easiest way to fill is by removing the bleed screw at the top of the rad and filling till it just starts to dribble from there, this leaves room in the system for expansion. By the way I am the guy you won the mudguard from on ebay. I have a 99 rear subframe available if you need one.
  10. There will be 2 wires from the lanyard. One of them needs connecting to the black wire from the CDI the other to earth on the frame.
  11. All the bearings are available from bearing suppliers for not a lot of cash. the only one not available from them is the lower shock bearing but splatshop do them for about £20.
  12. I have a couple of late model techno gearboxes. I would think they are very similar if not the same. I can post you one out to see.
  13. These are good solid bikes with not many problems to speak of. Main thing is look to see if it has been maintained well as any other make and model of trials bike. Check shock and suspension for smooth operation. Check wheel bearings and the expensive shock linkage bearings . The only specific problems on the Techno are --- rear brake does it work?? as they are a pig to bleed---- Is the fan working when warmed up as this could be the fan switch or regulator/rectifier---- check the gearbox oil for milkiness as this will need a bearing and / or impeller change if so, although this is a cheap fix. Price £300 for an early one in poor condition----- £600 - £700 for a used but good runner or £1000 for a very nice one that needs nothing doing. Condition and evidence of good maintenance is everything
  14. Hi. I broke a 95 techno so I have some of the shaped washers pm me
  15. Scorpa Easy forks are the same Paioli forks.
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