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  1. Hi Guys, Just purchased some rock shocks which look awesome, however they have come with a 350mm centre to centre length. The original shocks seem to be approximately 335mm, does anyone have rock shocks on their 200 that they could measure for me? Thanks in advance tjp
  2. cheers Guys, much appreciated. Now to source a good fabricator/welder
  3. Hi all, Just got myself a lovely little fantic 200 (rear kick). It is very original and I'm considering moving the footpegs. Can anyone recommend an engineer/fabricator/welder, preferably in the southwest of England to carry out said work? For you guys and girls that have tried these great little bike with both original and relocated pegs, how do you find the difference? Is it an essential mod? Thanks in advance for any advice and opinions tjp
  4. Thank you very much, great info. Bit of a pain on the radiator fluid checking, but every brand has its quirks! I'd definitely love to get your feedback after you've ridden it . Thanks again Terry
  5. Has anyone ridden a 300 evo and the 2016 sherco 300? if so how do they compare? I currently ride a 2014 300 evo, but quite fancy a new sherco and wondered if the sherco is as smooth/easy to ride as the beta? If not would the 250 be more comparable? I really do enjoy the way I can use big gears on the 300's in the south west mud! any opinions greatly appreciated as I'm struggling at present to get a test ride. Cheers Terry
  6. Love it!, I'd buy one of those.........If I could afford it.
  7. Thanks Guys, I will give them a try today
  8. I was riding my dads 270 rev3 when a crunch was felt/heard followed by a lock up! Anyway after stripping the gearbox we found that the water pump gear retaining pin had dropped out and took out 5th gear (several teeth missing!!!). I have managed to replace all necessary part except one, I cannot locate a 5th gear main shaft anywhere (part 18384918). I have tried Beta U.K. and numerous other U.K. based distributors, I even tried Bosi in Italy with no luck. Anyway after many calls it turns out Beta are currently looking for a new manufacturer to make these parts hence no one has one. So here I am desperately trying to find this part, someone must have one somewhere? an old Rev3 Gearbox sat in a box in the garage? a Supplier I hadn't thought of? The old mans bike has been sat there for nearly two months in bits patiently waiting to be fixed. Any help at all would be thoroughly appreciated Cheers Guys (I believe it is the same part on 250/270s from 2000 to 2008)
  9. You guys have obviously never had a theft or attempted theft of your bike after showing it to some scumbag posing as a genuine buyer!? These days I meet people elsewhere first so I get the chance to see if I believe them to be genuine, if I am happy then I will complete the sale at home. Anyway with regard to the paperwork I bought my Evo new and direct from John Lampkin and I chose not to get it registered as I have absolutely no need to. However now I'm thinking about selling it, all I have to prove ownership is a hand written receipt!, kinda wish I'd registered it for this reason alone! So my point I guess is there will be genuine bikes out there with very little paperwork. Good luck with your hunt
  10. tjp

    Jumping Out Of First?

    There was an email sent out to all 2014 beta owners referring to a gear selector fault on some bikes. I believe a rivet was not correctly fitted and can fall out. I'm unsure what the symptoms would be should this rivet fall out but it's worth checking. Good luck Just found the email from John Lampkin.... "We have had a problem with some bikes where the rivet in the gear selector has dropped out. This has only happened in about 2-3% of bikes. I feel it would be correct to check the selector in all bikes. You should find the selector rivet in place. You should centre pop the rivet which you can do on a hard surface which will ensure the rivet cannot come out. The diagram shows a faulty selector where the rivet has dropped out. You can see the rivet has been riveted using a machine but it has not been done correctly. The rivet should be located in the hole. To do the job you must take out the rear sump bolt then find a wedge to hold the sump down 2-3cm. You must then remove the clutch. The selector will then come straight out. Be careful with shims on the selector shaft. You must re tighten the clutch centre nut to 70Nm using lock tight. We have had so few bikes with this fault that maybe it is not necessary but I feel for riders that are competing in the SSDT, nationals and British Championship etc it is a worthwhile job to do." Hope this helps..
  11. The 250 will take you anywhere easily, however I get the impression you really want the 300! I have always been of the opinion that if you ride what you want to, and not what others think is best, then your on the right bike for you! if that makes sense??? I decided I really wanted a 300 after a few years on a 200, and I love it. I have a 300 evo which I believe is a little less aggressive than the Gas Gas, but I find it easy to ride (at my novice/clubman level). I use it for club trials, time trials and generally messing about on......great bike. Good luck with the decision
  12. if your willing to travel toward the south west Steve Saunders is worth a shout.... http://www.sxsuk.com/Trialschool1.aspx I did a training school with him a few years ago and really enjoyed it/learned a lot. Good luck and welcome back to trials
  13. I returned one to BVM (before new management/ownership), they took it back in exchange for a Michelin without any problems. At the end of the day it was "not fit for purpose" which is a real shame as I found they worked really well and seemed to last a little longer than the Michelins.
  14. In my first trial I rode the "easy route or yellow route" as its called in this area and only managed two of the four laps and with endless 5's. I genuinely said to myself "I cannot do this sport". By the way I had many years of motocross experience but that didn't help me much lol. Anyway I persevered and have massively improved, however it has been a very gradual learning curve as my natural talent is limited. I guess my only advice would be to ride ONLY what you want to and sod what anyone else thinks! Stick with it though, you WILL get better. Good Luck
  15. I don't know how it compares to the 09 but I had an 05 250 pro and I can remember having the cases split to do crank seals. When putting it all back together I managed to create a gearing situation just like yours. Anyway after lots of head scratching I called Gas Gas UK and spoke to factory Kev, it ended up being something to do with the set-up of the selector shaft (shift drum) and the selector arm. I can't remember the exact procedure so I won’t guess but it was relatively simple to rectify, I did have the engine on the bench though. (I’m sure it was an eccentric bolt needing adjusting!) I would thoroughly recommend speaking to factory Kev at GGUK, he is very helpful and superb at explaining these things, waaaay better than I can. Don't think I have helped much.... sorry, Good luck
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