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  1. 2011 txt pro 250 can be extremely hard to start. Randomly. Sometimes cold or warm will start first/second kick, other times its seriously 30 kicks, my technique is good as i have no issues starting other models/brands. is this life with a gasser? i feel like i'm wearing the heck out of the kickstart mechanism. Any suggestions?
  2. where did you find that plate? i have been looking for one with that shape.
  3. Looks a little different there Bond. Although i almost guarantee gas gas did not change the oring. Looks as if they only changed the little screw tab Picture of said fuel cap for reference.
  4. Just picked up a used 2011 250 txt pro. The rubber o-ring that seals the fuel cap on just falls out after every refueling. i'm wondering if the original owner refitted a improper size o-ring. Could anyone measure their oring so i can reference a proper fitting one,The gas gas mirco-fiche only lists the entire cap.
  5. here is a youtube link to said video of the event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoF6dPRXDsE
  6. is there a stream? any sort of live coverage? Anyone?.......Anyone? Bueller?
  7. What Heffergm said, also check the airfilter and probably order a new one, if its sat for that length of time in a damp barn i would not be surprised if a critter took refuge in it. They can crawl into unbelievably tight spaces. Seen it before with barn find cars, snowmobiles and mx dirtbikes. Tires might be junk when you really start riding it. Six years is a long time, Knobs might come flying off. My Father has a 99 techno and runs 80:1 and seems to run fine. good luck and post some pics!
  8. 45 FTLBS or 60N/M, correct?
  9. so, tore into it, big thumbs up to sherco for using the metal gasket on the primary cover! here is what i found. Anyone seen this before? using an allen as a pointer to the culprit... and after i pulled the shift shaft. looks to be sherco part # 008-2011SLSH2.9-M110 spring shift lever. $12.60 us. Glad i took it out around the yard before the event this weekend!
  10. 2011 2.9. I have a little play at the shift lever, i can get 1-3rd easily but shifting up from there is non existent, it will move up but not wanting to click into gear, if i wiggle the shift lever in i can sometimes get 4th. i change the oil every 3-4 rides and always use the clutch while shifting. Totally random with this problem, shifted perfectly the last time i rode it. Anything i should try before i split the cases to see what is actually going on here?
  11. Welcome! Where abouts are you from in Ontario? , always looking for people to ride with!
  12. Mx pants if you're on a budget. mx pants only have two points of stretch to them, bend above the knee straight and a little at the waist. Mx pants do not like to stretch between the legs from a spread out dab or running out of a crash. Jitsie's t-2 pant is as close to a Mx pant in terms as protection you can get but much more flexible and lighter. Sometimes a little stretch in the right area at the right time can make all the difference.
  13. Thought the Monty fans will get a kick out of this. Not a new production bike, but a cool one off hybrid. Spotted on trial-passion
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