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  1. FIM North America Series

    All registration and relevant info is now posted on the CMA website for this event www.canmocycle.ca
  2. CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    I havent been on the forums here in quite some time busy with work and lots of preparation behind the scenes with the Canadian Nationals/ FIM-NA Championship that will take place this Sept in Ioco BC. I am devestated to read that I am well past my prime as far as competing is concerned??? Sorry to disappoint Michael lol. Not sure where you got your intel from? Just thought I would take the time to put this thread to bed so we can all get on with enjoying the sport, and for some of us continue working on bring it together Nationally once and for all. As some statements on this thread are fact... and some not. It has been well known that for MANY years the MCC group which includes the WEC and so called WTC have been trying to get the FIM affiliation away from the CMA. It was only reported recently that an OFFICIAL application was made to the FIM. I can now tell you that this application has been rejected! Now lets get on with things. Not everyone cares to start with. But some of us do and have been trying to do things the right way. There are some very good people involved who have cared about the sport and will continue to. Happy riding!
  3. CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Considering all that is going on in the world with womens rights and their fight to have a voice and make a change....your hashtag seems pretty inappropiate. You may want to edit that one. We are only talking about motorcycles here.
  4. CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Michael: There are some changes coming to the Tac this year. Not fair to be posting it on a forum until the parties involved have been spoken with. I can tell you that we are working on a position as a PR manager who will be responsible for doing a better job of getting information out. I sincerely think that you have somehow mis-interpreted some info you may have received through Marilynn. I cannot speak for her, but, of course the CMA supports events and riders riding event outside of Canada! That has been and will be the case going forward. The importance of a PR manager is important for insances like this... You should also know that as well as being the President of Fim-NA, Marilynn is a long time member on the board of the FIM and is well respected.
  5. CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Some major in-accuracies in your post. CANADA and the CMA, as part of the FIM family have a major role. Trials IS at the forefront of that. We are part of the Newly formed FIM-NA. Myself and members of the Trials Advisory Commitee have communicated and sat in on meetings with Reps from the Fim and the new TrialGP promoter. I can tell you that trials in Canada is of concern to both parties. Many things with our sport have been neglected for sometime. It may not affect YOUR personal enjoyment or involvement, but no can tell you it does affect the sport. I will also suggest and in fact I know, that anyone involved with WEC....WTC...or whatever they want to call themselves, doesn' fully understand all of this. Despite this announcement I do not think that the CMA will be losing the FIM affiliation anytime soon. I think this announcement is purely a self promotion tactic.
  6. CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Thats an accurate assessment
  7. CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    None of this is new news. I am well aware to the facts about all of it. Again, reading that press release does make the general public being mislead. But, the nature of this and the timing is pretty curious. Again, you are speculating about some stuff too. Its all of our rights to do so but that is all it is.
  8. CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Interesting news....although " officially" the intent has been known for many years. Even though users of this forum have denied it profusely. The press release doesn' say how many people were at this summit.It doesn't say where the people were from. I would caution people to understand that just because someone prints or says something, unless its backed up with facts it becomes detremental. In the case of our sport of trials it only seems to have fractured an already small group.Far too many mis-truths mis-leading too many people. Seemingly and factually involving many cases of conflict of interests. Stay tuned.
  9. FIM North America Series

    Some US events require them and some don't. Its best you contact the organizer. You can find info at www.mototrials,com
  10. FIM North America Series

    Hi Jay. Yes to ride in Donner you will need the Natc requirements for number plate and jersey. This is a US National that is counting towards the FIM-NA championship.
  11. FIM North America Series

    Hi Biff: This is something we ( the CMA- TAC and the Natc/Ama ) have discussed as far back as last year. It is being worked on! As for the FIM-NA designated events this year, all US riders can enter the Canadian event and use their AMA license with no need to hold a CMA license. The same will apply for Canadian riders who will be riding the event in the Donner area. It should also be noted for riders on both sides of the border that there will be a full complement of classes for all to ride and compete for the FIM-NA crown, not just the top Pro and Expert riders. I will have more info soon and will post the classes available. Steve
  12. FIM North America Series

    Sounds good Jay. It is a pretty cool opportunity for riders on both sides of the border to ride and compete in two of the most iconic trials areas in North America on back to back weekends. There will be classes for everyone and of course the chance to see the best Pro riders in action. Much more details will be coming out in Jan. Hopefully you know that all you need is your CMA competition license which can be used for both the Canadian and US Rounds. Steve
  13. Stolen TLR250

    not surprised at all how the trials community has always been strong and vigilant. Glad to hear things have been righted
  14. Toby Martin to a Montesa?

    Exactly my point.