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  1. FIM North America Series

    Any idea how many are pre registered for the IOCO event so far? There are not many riders registered for the US round yet, I know that the high temps have me a bit worried....
  2. FIM North America Series

    Went to an event this weekend put on by the INTA club and there are a good number of riders looking to ride all four events. I hope this is going to spark some good interest in a North American series...
  3. CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Nice one Evolution.... Most of the people posting here are actually passionate about the sport in Canada and are trying to move things in a positive direction. Classs act you are....
  4. CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    IT has been a while since we’ve seen any discussion on here regarding CMA vs WTC....
  5. Who makes this aftermarket capacitor in the photo? Are you switching only for a weight reduction?
  6. FIM North America Series

    I emailed the organizing club and they indicated spark arrestors will be required.
  7. FIM North America Series

    OK cool, Pete and the boys will likely be pretty stoked having Bustin jerseys! Thanks and will we see you there? I'm training right now, skiing every week-end and looking at the 4rt every time I park the sled....what are you going to do when there is already four feet of snow on the ground the second week of January?
  8. FIM North America Series

    One more question for you Steve, to ride in Donner will we need to have the natc compliant number plates and jersey with name on the back? Jay
  9. FIM North America Series

    Hey Steve! Happy holidays! I'm getting pretty pumped about the whole idea of riding both week-end, especially as it would be my first trip to a US national. Still twisting some arms to see who may want to go....
  10. FIM North America Series

    Rounds 1&2 Donner California, rounds 3&4 IOCO BC. Who’s in? Think I have a posse interested....
  11. 2009 4RT Issues?

    I had a fueling issue with my 09, it would sputter a couple of times but never run much as you described in the origninal post. What I ended up finding was that the metal sump under the fuel pump had corroded and plugged the fuel filter and damaged the fuel pump. I was able to swap out the tank and injector from a new bike and mine fired up right away so I then knew where to look.....
  12. 300rr HD Skid plate, which one?

    This shows what I had mentioned, sorry for the delay...
  13. 300rr HD Skid plate, which one?

    No it doesn't protect the linkage really, just covers the frame where the footpeg brackets mount. Will try to get a photo...
  14. 300rr HD Skid plate, which one?

    Hey Jon I just purchased a Costa Special Parts unit for mine and it is thicker than the stocker and a bit longer so it protects the frame a bit better. Outlaw Trialsport should be able to get you one or Lewisport USA, I had to wait a while to receive mine as it had to come direct from Italy.....
  15. Montesa 4ride price drop

    I have yet to see one here and as far as I know they have not been brought into Canada by Honda Canada. My local dealer actually told me that for 17' only the 300RR and the Repsol are available....not sure about that though as the standard is still on the website....