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  1. I had a 240 and a 300. I'm small at 5'6' and the 300 just seemed taller and more awkward. The 240 seemed lower and more agile. The 300 never felt like too much power, but flywheel was more than I liked. I always wanted a 200, as I'm really a small bore guy at heart, but they didn't work well on our big hills.
  2. There is a video where Sammy Miller talks about his first home built trials bike,it's geometry and how it's essentially the same a modern bike.... 63.5 degree steering head angle and 53 inch wheelbase. Jerry Young the first USA National Trials Champion and Father of Ryan Young 6 times USA National Champion, told me basically the same thing.... His first bike which he still owns and rides, a 1967 Triumph Cub converted from road to trials, has the same wheelbase and steering head angle as his 2019 Sherco. The main change over time has been the reduction of weight and lowering of the center of gravity.
  3. Did you buy your bike from a new Gas Gas dealer who isn't really a trials shop?
  4. Jitsie sells aftermarket Tech fork springs and Ohlins shock springs. Lightest springs available are still for a 80kg/176lbs rider though. https://www.jitsie.com/en/front-fork-springs/51252-spring-for-tech-front-fork-aluminium-39mm.html https://www.jitsie.com/en/rear-shock-springs/51248-spring-for-ohlins-rear-shock-absorber.html
  5. There is a land border for the UK, and it's quite contentious again......
  6. This from an ACU Facebook post.... ACU Ltd Chairman, Roy Humphrey commented, “While social gatherings of more than six people will be banned in England from 14 September, the UK government advice has confirmed that organised sports and activities can continue. Our motorcycle events are organised and provided Organisers follow the guidance issued through our individual Risk Assessments, then the venues are Covid-19 secure, but, initial Local Authority approval will still be required prior to any planned event as there may be increased local measures in place that differ from national guidelines”
  7. FIM Continental Unions (CONU) add to the confusion. The North American CONU is United States and Canada, but Mexico is in the Latin American CONU. From a language perspective this makes sense, but not from a geographical one.
  8. Possibly switch to the same Renthal bars that were on the 300RR?
  9. nhuskys

    Tire musings

    Doesn't Ray Peters advocate running the Tubliss set up on tube type front trials tires?
  10. Don't forget the exhaust side, as it could be restricted. At your bikes age and with the fact that it was poorly cared for before you got it, I would remove clean the whole exhaust system and repack the silencer.
  11. nhuskys

    New outfit

    Betas look good in white! Fork guards are a good addition for New England rocks.
  12. The reverse fuel tank/air box arrangement of that vintage Sherco can be somewhat problematic.
  13. 3 different power modes help with that according to this vid. ?
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