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  1. Where I live in the Finger Lakes region of NY, it's as muddy as the worst in the UK. Only rocks we ride are in streams, and the smooth variety. I ride 125 in trials and enduro, so no huge 300 power. I find a quick throttle gives me more control, with smaller inputs to get the response I need.
  2. I use a G2 Ergonomics quick turn throttle on my Husqvarna TE125 enduro bike. It's the most aggressive ring(ramp) available, and requires they machine the Domino throttle assembly so it can fit.
  3. Can you solve the mystery of the red throttle wheel cover?
  4. This wouldn't account for 1/8 turn, but could he mean this? https://www.jitsie.com/en/throttles/46696-throttle-pulley-with-roller.html
  5. Gone through a bunch in the last 4 years..... Started with Gaerne Balance Oiled. They were far too slipper like, with no shank in the sole. Next I tried Alpinestars Tech T . Good stiff sole with steel shank, but soles are hard and slippery walking sections. Lots of padding and double toe cover. Also a little short in height, and seemed to catch the tops more often. I wore the soles out, but still use them for street bike riding. Onto Forma Boulders next. I liked that they were a bit taller, and a reinforced toe box. More flexible, but less padding. Soles are a little better traction wise, but the S3 Hard Rock footpegs, that are stock on my Scorpa Factory are hard on the soles. I'm going to get them resoled, and keep them for spares. I've just got a pair of Stylmartin Impact Pro now. Microfiber, not leather, so stiffer all around. I'll have to see how the toe breaks in, as it is single layer, and doesn't seem to be reinforced. More padding like the Tech T though. I think I'll like them.
  6. nhuskys

    Future of Gasgas

    There was this video interview at EICMA with Joachim Sauer, by a French Mag, and he mentioned continuing with just signed Casales in TrialGP and Cabestany in TrialE.
  7. I personally have no problem with trials pants, and prefer them to my enduro/MX pants for trials. I wear S3 Pilot pants with Fox Titan hard knee guards for extra protection. I run a head pipe protector on my Scorpa, and have never burned my trials pants. Enduro/MX pants are cut extra loose in the knees so knee braces can be worn without restriction. I wear CTi knee braces riding enduro, and enduro/MX pants work fine, but are too loose and baggy riding trials without the knee braces.
  8. Some don't come until after EIMCA in Milan next month.
  9. I finally got a reply from EM, about the US Market price. They say are large part of the increase, is for the North American compatible charger. Due to certifications, etc; it is more expensive than the standard EU one. The rest is made up of.... transport from France, customs, other import fees, insurance. This works out to about a 20% higher price for US Market.
  10. If Dibs does step down from TrialGP, maybe Martyn will fill the spot for Beta?
  11. Probably Casales to GG, now that his Vertigo deal has ended. I'm guessing that Dibs goes to Vertigo, and not for TrialGP. He's already putting feelers out on IG, about teaching in the off season. He'll ride the SSDT, Scott, ACU Championship, some others and some indoors.
  12. They don't, if the did all trials bikes would be close to $10,000. I buy motorcycle and horse related stuff online from UK. Germany and Italy. As soon as you punch in US$ and destination, VAT is removed from the price.
  13. I've been told by a person who has been involved with Montesa/Honda for years. He says that the door is absolutely one way, when you walk out. I mentioned that Bou is still obviously very fond of Busto, when you see them together. He said Bou has absolutely zero say, no matter how many Championships he wins.... Busto will never be back on a Montesa.
  14. Mike is still your best info source for all your SY questions.
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