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  1. Any simple open face helmet will fit the bill for retro for the period. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/agv-x70-helmet
  2. If you're in the USA check with Mike at the Tryals Shop for info on the '98 Scorpa and used bikes in general. https://www.tryalsshop.com/
  3. nhuskys

    Beta Evo 200 ruined.

    No part numbers available for '22 MY, but from the press info my guess is they are the same. Not sure why Beta would change the spec? This bike is most popular in the UK and USA. The 200 isn't even listed on the main Beta Italy website. Conditions that we ride in the Finger Lakes region of NY are very similar to Southern England. BVM Moto vids of local club trials look quite familiar. I'm coming from an '18 Scorpa 125 Factory with an add on S3 flywheel weight and haven't ridden an older Beta 200. As I said the power seems smooth on my '21 to me. I added 2 teeth on the rear sprocket, as it has a faster ground speed than my 125. I do miss the heavy flywheel and will be adding the the Beta accessory heavy flywheel later this week. I'm not sure how the weight compares to the standard 250 flywheel? I'm guessing it's heavier, as it's an option for all 2T models. The 200, 250, and 300 all have different part numbers for the flywheel.
  4. nhuskys

    Beta Evo 200 ruined.

    I have a '21 200 Factory and ride in very slippery conditions. I find the power very smooth, especially in the wet map setting. I am going to add the Beta heavy flywheel. A standard Evo 200 can use the S3 flywheel weight.
  5. Was 2011 the last time a World Round was there? I don't see the organizers of that event stepping forward to do it again?
  6. nhuskys

    Diaphragm Clutch

    Well that was always the classic Gas Gas fix. The '19 clutch parts are a different part number, so if the clutch parts were replaced it's likely they used "correct" '17 part numbers. Good luck to your son!
  7. nhuskys

    Diaphragm Clutch

    I had a '17 125 SC and the clutch pull was very stiff. The 1mm spring was standard on the '17 125. I traded for a '18 125 Factory and pull was better, but not great. The following year when the '19 models came out, dealer swapped '19 parts in and has worked a treat. Contact Nigel Birkett at Scorpa UK/Birkett Motosport.
  8. Birkett Motosport were the UK importer. Nearly 2 hours north from Manchester, but may be worth the drive to get it sorted correctly. https://birkettmotosport.com/
  9. Contact Mike Komer at the Tryals Shop. They were the Scorpa Importer. He still has a bunch of people riding the Easy's. https://www.tryalsshop.com/
  10. A full container of TRS One models arrived in the USA shortly after Christmas and is at the warehouse being distributed to the dealers. My local TRS dealer has about 15 bikes they just picked up.
  11. I wish the best for Jotgas/G2 Grup. A friend is the USA importer and I've been hoping for the trials bikes to arrive for a year. The other Spanish manufactured trials bikes.... Vertigo, Gas Gas, Sherco/Scorpa, TRS are all getting bikes built and shipped, even to the USA. These bikes are all built using almost identical supply chains for components. I have a hard time understanding the delays with Jotagas?
  12. Well Shirty is selling both brands!
  13. nhuskys

    2021 GP models?

    It was in one of the Spanish online mags.... very low key, very back burner.
  14. Same for me. I wear pretty bulky Fox Titan Race hard knee/shin pads under my S3 Pilot pants. I find my MX pants way too loose and bulky riding trials.
  15. I'm enjoying it. My first reaction was... trying to be a bit too clever, but now give a good laugh at it.
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