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  1. I always remember his pronunciation of Jaime Busto's name as Jamie for the first broadcast. It got better though!
  2. Don't shoot the messenger.... It's not what I think, but seems to be what the FIM is thinking. EM is being conservative, as they should be. Gas Gas has spent money on competition like drunk sailors for the last 3 years, and they are on thin ice again.
  3. TrialGP (The WTC, not the class) is an elite premier series, and they are approaching TrialE as such. The aim isn't a bunch of clubmen, on their bits and batteries bikes.... It's to get top companies to invest in the new technology, and showcase it on the world stage. We can argue whether this is a good approach or not? Off road motorcycle sport is more accessible compared to road racing, so the elite argument maybe isn't holding up. The World Enduro Super Series Championship is pushing the FIM Enduro World Championship out as the premier series, mainly because it allows clubmen to compete in the events along with the top riders. This is going off on a non- TrialE tangent.... Trials is a very small sport compared to enduro, but imagine a World Trials Super Series, with more traditional type trials..... SSDT, Scott Trial, Santigosa 3 Day, the new Jurrasic 3 Day in Costa Rica, and some more. A place for second tier WTC riders to find work, other than become Hard Enduro riders. Clubmen riders ride along with the the professionals. I think this could be a shot in the arm for trials.
  4. Have you talked to Mike Komer at the Tryals Shop? Mike was the Tech Support guy for OSSA when they were importing. He probably sent any equipment back to Lewisport, but would have some ideas.
  5. nhuskys

    Future of Gasgas

    Yup, an electric urban mobility company doesn't see a future in off road motorcycles the same way it did 3 plus years ago..... that's no surprise! Mark's statements about restructuring are also conjecture, until real investors can be found to buy Torrot's share out. A lot of the new factory and third party warehouse, is about the Catalan independence crisis and how the Spanish Government wants to move business out of that region, and into other parts of Spain. I'd guess the Spanish Government had some incentives for Torrot to do it.
  6. nhuskys

    Future of Gasgas

    It's more like BMW buying Husqvarna to enter the off road segment which looked lucrative, but wasn't. Gas Gas has also done what BMW did with Husqvarna.... it owns the North American distributor directly, and spent gobs of cash chasing the elusive and supposedly giant USA Market to no avail for the last 3 years.
  7. The section chief observer is just above above Toni when he goes over the rock and dabs, but he is fiddling with the ribbon, and not fully focused on Toni. It seems like he should see his foot on the ground. As said many times before.... if the observer doesn't see it, it doesn't exist! I watched Fuji's ride through that section.... The Chief Observer isn't fiddling with the ribbon, he's grabbing on to the stake for dear life, so he doesn't slide down the hill! Still he's clearly more focused on grabbing the stake, than watching Toni.
  8. You know my default answer Rob.... Check with Mike at the Tryals Shop. On my '18 Scorpa, I'd probably go with the OEM Regina Trials chain from RYP. Sherco/Scorpa bikes run a half link chain from the factory.
  9. nhuskys

    Future of Gasgas

    Point is that Shirty at GGUK or any other independent importer makes their own decision about what they import, based on what's available. GGNA is run by the Factory. The Factory decides what happens here, and they are in cutback mode......
  10. nhuskys

    Future of Gasgas

    Gas Gas North America (GGNA) is solely owned subsidiary of Torrot. I believe it is the only Gas Gas Distributor directly owned. This has become the KTM Model for National Distributors, and Torrot decided to do it for the North America. So if Torrot is putting the brakes on... GGNA is going to feel it more directly the other independent importers.
  11. I've ridden both, and I'd say the TRS 250 RR, is softer power than the Beta 250 standard model. I ride a Scorpa 125 Factory.
  12. He won his class this weekend, so must be working for now.....
  13. I'm with lineaway on this..... I rode a TRS RR with the Curves and liked them. I bought a pair for my '18 Scorpa and there was a short period of adjustment, but they have improved my riding. I'm a short rider at 5'6", so it helps me get over the front of the bike more, as Pat states in the video.
  14. A long shot, but you tried both ends, so now try what links them..... Switch out the clutch hose, as there could be some internal manufacturing flaw in the line.
  15. Tryals Shop in the USA has them. http://www.tryalsshop.com/
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