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  1. The reverse fuel tank/air box arrangement of that vintage Sherco can be somewhat problematic.
  2. 3 different power modes help with that according to this vid. 😉
  3. Maybe someday we will all learn to debate, as opposed to spout. America is strong, America will survive. God bless you.
  4. Why aren't you concerned about your own country's government, with things like GM shutting Holden down? Does Australia's what some call extreme economic dependency on China concern you? Your government's response to the wild fires? How is Australia going to pay for the Corona Virus stimulus package, must less the medical response? Might want to get your own house in order, before you jump up on a soap box, to tell me what I should with mine.....
  5. Are Michelin X 11's available in Canada, or just X lites?
  6. Still waiting for an answer to my very simple question.....
  7. That's obvious..... No concern about any members and what they post. I'm a friend of free speech. I just wondered why with your location listed as Australia, you have such an interest in US politics. Post on!
  8. I ride an '18 Scorpa 125 Factory, with the updated '19 clutch spring and it's a much lighter pull than before. Another guy I ride with, did it to his '17 Scorpa 250 Standard and is very happy.
  9. So was it a good difference with the S3 Digit lever?
  10. 10:10 in this BVM Vlog of Dutch GP, Bou's bike gets weighed after the first lap.
  11. Pat Smage gives some tips in this video. I have small hands and run the S3 lever on my clutch.
  12. There's a reason that Bou and Fuji's motor cases, covers and fuel injection body are built by HRC out of magnesium....
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