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  1. vicx

    Rev 3 Weak Spark

    Hi there. I had the exact same problem that turned out to be a faulty kill switch. We had a weak spark but as soon as we put the plug back in it wasn't strong enough and the bike was dead, same as you it had run fine when put away. I've now been caught out twice with kill switches - the other time with my fantic- but an easy and cheap thing to try before looking at the expensive beta electrics. Hope this helps Vicx :-)
  2. Been in touch with the IOW people today - the trials will go ahead and details should appear on their website tomorrow. http://www.iowmcc.com/
  3. Ditto for the Ladies round the day before the youth's - any ideas anyone???? Cheers
  4. vicx


    So here's my usual one post per year!!! The general rule is if you have sent an entry in, not had it returned and not had a call to say you're on the reserve list then you have a ride - this obviously can't cover any that may have been lost in the post. Give Margaret our new secretary a ring and ask i'm sure she won't mind!!! (Her number is on the regs!) All is in full swing for a good day out! See you all there Vicx
  5. Mint trial - Thanks to all involved!!!
  6. Hi, I've been on a few trials schools but highly recommend Steve Saunders - http://www.saundersextremesports.co.uk/pro...0&parent=12 He's def got the history to teach any of us a thing or 2!!! Dan Clark is also very good but maybe a bit far north for you. Have fun!
  7. I think a couple of points have been well made: 1. I too think Laia is the only true factory rider and 2. It's not cheap travelling round and about all the time - we have a ferry bill to go anywhere. I was lucky enough to get a couple of local decent sponsors when i did the european rounds but was the only english girl to go to Norway that year because it was too expensive - while you're away you can't be earning the money to pay for it all - and thats another thing, time off work isn't endless. In an ideal world i think the factory teams should take on at least one female rider and give them support but realistically you would be left with only a handful of riders at the trials - those with the factory support and those who have Dads have deep pockets! A bigger and better championship for females would be fantastic but I think realistically out of reach for alot of the everyday riders. Would be nice to hear what the english female riders think - Where are you on this one???
  8. Being the person in the above photo holding the '5' i don't think anyone was more shocked than me!! I've been around and about womens trials since it first started out and i am pleased on the one hand for Iris to have finally won after 10 years of trying and always being a close second. This doesn't mean i didn't feel bad when i heard the '5' cost Laia the championship. I first met Laia in Italy when I think she was 14 - didn't speak any english and my broken yorkshire was well lost on her - she was a very talented rider then - we were told she was a young spanish girl who wanted someone to practise with - she left us standing straight away! I think Laia is by far the best Women rider we have ever seen and i'm sure she will come back fighting hard and twice as motivated. It was a school girl error - the type i make on a weekly basis but thats what trials are all about and I'm sure she'll have lost sleep over it! Well Done Iris! Sorry Laia!
  9. The thing is it isn't just about the land we run on - its the farm next door who has livestock and a rider comes from Surrey to ride the trial. Certainly with National events the risks are higher with people coming from all over - passing through the zones or even living in them - you can't pick and choose riders. A trial near to us was cancelled the other week because the next door farmer had sheep on both sides of the lane to the trial land and wasn't happy about it. The main issue is we can't afford to be linked with it full stop and my view is that who cares about not riding again this year if it means it's there for me next year??? P.S Wasn't meaning you were critising farmers just think this is not as straight forward as many people think - Even at the best of times!
  10. As a rider, organiser, friend of farmers and living with a farmer I can say that i agree 100% with the clubs decisions and I think some riders should put their selves in the organisers shoes sometimes. It isn't always easy to go and ask to use their land in normal circumstances but for the sake of a couple of weeks and a few missed trials at least we might have a sport in the future. Can you imagine how many farmers would let us use their land if we were proved to have spread the disease??? And how much negative press we would get on National news if we'd been blamed - trials would be just about finished. Respect the organisers for looking after their landowners and stop moaning about a couple of missed events - at least we'll be able to ride next year and the years to follow. As for moving venues - there is alot of neighbouring farmers to think about as well. Rant over!
  11. Hey Marky Boy - i don't think there was any competition after my near death loop followed closely by the chin on handle bar experience in Bottoms. Hows your finger by the way?? The funniest thing I saw - Marky Boy riding up to the queue, stopping then not putting either feet down and just falling over I think the saying of the day was - 'At least we can laugh about it' Still a good day out on the bike
  12. From the man himself (thats Keith - Clerk of Course) "We work on a 5% natural wastage of riders - we take extra in the initial entry as we realise that riders for whatever reasons don't turn up. It's all in the planning." Results will be up shortly.
  13. vicx


    More information will be posted this morning on the front page - keep your eyes peeled.
  14. vicx


    Update - looking out of the office window and there is white fluffy stuff - aaarrrggghhh The problem is if we get too much snow today/tomorrow then it might not get chance to melt - unless this global warming kicks in and we get mediteranean temperatures on Saturday - here's hoping!
  15. vicx


    There's always one perv!!! Anyway looking out the office window - no snow, just a very hard frost and a very worried Clerk of Course kicking the ground to see how hard it is! Wish it would come or go - this in between is very worrying! Fingers crossed to see you all Sunday - except Andy of course - we'll miss you not there putting the extra pressure on for us to keep our feet up!
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