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  1. hrmad

    Show Us Your Ty

    My first twinshock ty175
  2. Don't like the 2018 models, the 2013 to 2016 models looked good though. The new factory bikes look nice too, should have a white or blue frame though. A lovely twinshock has come up locally, so I'm going to go down that route this time. Thanks for everyone's input.
  3. Considering getting a trials bike again, I've had a rev 3 before, not familiar with evos. Thinking about a 2016 factory model, any common faults/ things to look out for? What sort of price to pay for a good condition used bike? Thanks
  4. hrmad

    2018 beta

    The truth hurts
  5. Just a short video of a trial I organised with the help of a few friends
  6. Hi guys, a video of a trial I set up, with the help of a few friends, enjoy https://youtu.be/t0RvtF6B-ms?t=63
  7. I've recently gone from a 4rt to a 13 gasgas 125. Love it, very light, easy to manage and power doesn't seem to be an issue. Would recommend a 125 for sure.
  8. I'm left handed, is this a good excuse for poor throttle control?
  9. My new to me 2013 125 pro
  10. Apico, I think I've bent it a little though, hence why it looks a bit shorter than the stock one
  11. hrmad

    Bar heights

    I've got a pair of 6 inch renthal bars on my montesa, I think it had 5 inch dominos on it before, a lot more comfortable with a 6 inch rise
  12. I'm a lot more careful now, learnt my lesson lol. Thanks
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