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  1. Yeh the whole bike has been bodged together. any one any ideas how to attach my lanyard kill switch into this loom?
  2. I really appreciate all the help guys. I'm a total newbie and I've been and bought a bit of a dog of a bike it seems. Here's a picture of the wiring I have on the bike.... It's. 1999 beta techno Dougie lampkin replica.
  3. Cheers for the info Heffergrm and fast belly, even with the clutch lever pulled in? I assumed it should coast as piling the lever in disengages drive? Thanks bilks I will read through that. Line away. Thanks for the info. The guy that sold it to me said it was 2000 so I took his word for it. The bike was a bad buy tbh. Trying to figure out how to fit a kill switch too. Any info on this anywhere? I can't find any
  4. Hi all, recently bought a beta techno which has turned out to be a pain the a*** and money pit. Had all sorts of issues from brakes to fork seals etc etc... However my new issue is that when i pull in the clutch lever to try and freewheel the bike (whilst its n gear) it won't move, the couch isn't disengaging. Its also very hard to get into 1st. should i be bale to click ut through all gears with the engine off? I'm reluctant to start the thing atm all help appreciated. cheers George
  5. Cool cheers for the info. I'll try and buy one
  6. Ah ok, I take they didn't come with one then? I just assumed it would have had one and mine was missing
  7. all I seem to have is a light switch and horn cluster on the lhs
  8. Hi all, total newb to bikes here. Bought a beta 250 , can't work out how your supposed to switch it off? Currently have to stall it. Is this right? Excuse my ignorance. Cheers George
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