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  1. Thanks for the photo! I thought the adjuster should be at the top of the shock but when I purchased the bike, the shock was installed upside down and I noted there were several other examples on the internet whereby the shock was installed upside down and was I therefore thinking that it was some type of after-market mod?
  2. If you are standing on the bike, does the left-hand/longer spacer in the photo go on the left or right hand side of the bike? Thanks in advance -
  3. Hey Guys, New to this trials thing and have been diligently working to assemble a Rev 3 270 - when installing the shock, I am assuming the rebound screw (at least I am assuming it is a rebound screw) faces the back of the bike? Thanks for the help!
  4. I purchased a like-new (or so the previous owner said....) Rev 3 and have been absolutely perplexed as to why the shock’s top mounting will not accept the mounting plate and why the mounting plate will no longer accept the shock bolt? Unbelievably frustrating as I cannot imagine a more straight-forward procedure...remove shock, replace shock only now it absolutely refuses to fit! Photos attached for reference. Thanks in advance for any suggestions -
  5. Caferacerman

    Beta Bolt Kits?

    In the USA, I purchased a "Beta Bolt Kit" from the Trials Superstore.
  6. Appreciating that I am new to the Trials world and at the risk of potentially creating a cardinal sin by posing the following question, is there a reason as to why it would be a bad idea to leverage the hubs to build a set of traditional set of tube wheels and leverage the Nuetech Tubeless system to get access to the low PSI? I do not intend to compete and for my purposes (improving my Hare Scramble/Enduro abilities) it sounds as though I may be setting myself up for frustration via chasing errant leaks with a set of twelve-old-year old used and abused wheels? Thanks for everyone's attention -
  7. When cleaning the front rim, it appears the "dirt" is aluminum flaking from the wheel - something I have not encountered in the past. Any insight as to the best way to clean it up would be appreciated.
  8. I am new to the Trials world and bought a "like new" Rev 3 and with the help of this forum, I have been working my way through a number of issues stemming from a "like new" bike. Went to change the tires this weekend and believe I have discovered the reason as to why the front went flat and when I pulled the rear off, the valve stem gave way to a cup of green slime draining out. Referencing the attached photo, I would appreciate thoughts on the best way forward, such as: Is it worth trying to save and rebuild the rims? If I get new wheels, should I go with the Morads or is there a better alternative? New hubs or try to leverage existing hubs/ Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi Guys, I am new to the Trials world and recently bought a "like new" 2007 Rev 3 from a guy on the internet...yeah, yeah, I know but I have had great luck in the past...and have been going through it to right as many wrongs as I can before the snow melts. Coming from the Enduro/Hare Scramble world, I always adjusted the steering stem so the bars would automatically fall to one side or the other but on this bike, the bars will not turn without a constant push. Before I pull the front end apart, I thought I would check to see if the stiff turning is an adjustment preferred by Trials guys? Thanks in advance -
  10. Thanks guys - With this being my first foray into the Beta Trials world, I guess I was somewhat concerned that the pipe resting on the frame would be a hazard of some sort but to your point, it is not leaking so I guess I run it as is? Thanks again -
  11. Hey Guys! I picked up a 2007 Beta Rev 3 270 on the internet in "...perfect, brand new condition...." yes, yes, I know...should have known better at my age but on the phone, the guy sounded like he knew what he was doing. Anyways...as I am going through it and fixing all that is broken, I am unsure if the head pipe is bent or if it appears to be in stock condition - thoughts?
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