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  1. I am ... yes... I live a bit north of Albany... that doesn’t mean that I won’t possibly make it out though... to watch, shoot, or ride
  2. Hi all! I just recently picked up my first trials bike after salivating over the genre of the sport for a couple years... happy to be getting some time invested and can't wait till we lose the snow to get out on the bike... ?
  3. Such a great topic... although I know I am bringing it up from the forum "grave"... I have been shooting for 30 years now and had shot film for quite a long while... (110, 126, 35mm, medium format, and 4x5)... I both collect and still have cameras that from time to time I shoot with... I even have a freezer full of film.... but the digital "trend" is here to stay and I now shoot with Canon gear (5D Mark III, 7D Mark II, and 6D primarily)... in the beginning the digital images were not the same as film... they lacked "soul" but as things have progressed they have gotten much better... Basically I guess where I am leading this to... is if you are into film... shoot it... its still an amazing format and holds just as much water as digital...
  4. I hope to at a minimum get out and shoot one or two of these events this season... a few people may have seen the shots I took at CATRA in the 2017 season... hope to see you all!
  5. Orgnoi1

    Beta Bolt Kits?

    I just looked... I could only find an engine kit... I am hoping I never need any of THOSE bolts...LOL I am more looking for a body kit...
  6. Orgnoi1

    Beta Bolt Kits?

    Thanks Mark... being new to trials but around road and off-road a while my OCD goes crazy with mismatching hahhaha but may be the only “real” option ;)
  7. Orgnoi1

    Beta Bolt Kits?

    Hey all... I did a quick search and didn't find anything about this... Is there anyone that sells complete or partial bolt kits for Beta? More specifically I am looking for a kit for a 2002 Rev 3 270... I am in the USA... Any help would be appreciated!!
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