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  1. $50 86 TRL 200

    Well, Start slapping.
  2. Trials gloves

    Go be poor somewhere else.
  3. Trials gloves

    l love the UnderArmor Coolswitch Golf gloves. Nice soft Leather gloves, well ventelated, and very durable. Slip on with no velcro strap. They just get better with age. Have to buy them individually for each hand, but well worth the $16.00 each.
  4. Ha ha

    Guy goes to a sex counselor complaining about his boring bedroom life. The counselor had heard this many times and suggested trying different positions. He ask the guy what was his perffered position and the guy replied WOW! Not having heard that one before, the counselor asked what was that? Guy said it's mom upside down.
  5. 2019 Beta. Let the speculation begin!

    I'd like to see them fit a gallon of fuel in the frame.
  6. Evo Clutch side additional weight

    Not really that bad. The hardest part is building (or buying) the tool to hold the primary while removing the nut. I cut a idler gear down to wedge clutch and primary.
  7. Evo Clutch side additional weight

    Not a bad price point.
  8. 2018 evo fuel cap

    Seems very annoying and perhaps detrimental if caught in the rain. Definitely warranty material. Even on the earlier evos you really have to be careful with threading the cap. I use two orings.
  9. Monty 4rt submerged bike

    I've played submarine with 4ts. Used mineral oil to flush motor 2x. Then flush with motor oil 2x.
  10. Electric Bike BHP

    Is that a Clint Eastwood flick?
  11. Should I drain the carb

    What your mechanic advised could never be considered as bad practice, But reality is that if you have a clean fuel system and good, no ethanol gas, fuel in the bowl will do no harm. Fuel/Oil separation in the bowl over time could be an issue. I always rock the bike good to help
  12. Engine colour question?

    Learned something new today. Makes sense being that automotive radiators are black as well.
  13. Should I drain the carb

    Run good fuels and you shouldn't have to go through the hassle. Non Ethanol (most important) Race Avgas Thirty days should not be a problem.
  14. Newbi from bellshill Honda to 125

    Looks too nice to strip parts off for weight savings, but if you are not riding the highway.........?
  15. New trials ride in South China

    Nice choice of scooter. A bud of mine goes to Taiwan often and says there is a lively community of urban trials. If you have an area to ride, you will surely draw spectators and eventually someone will approach you wanting to get into these bikes as well. Its up to you if you let them test ride your bike. Good Luck.