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  1. dwil4

    $50 86 TRL 200

    I was just ****ting u man , Actually u cant just slap it in. It takes some bolts and brackets and tools to put one in. Thanks anyway though for the advice..
  2. dwil4

    $50 86 TRL 200

    Did u miss the part where I said I didnt wanna restore it or ride it at trials events or competition? And that I had 2 XR200 motors sitting here that I can slap in it? Lol
  3. dwil4

    $50 86 TRL 200

    Im not looking to ride it in any trials events or restore it to showroom level. I Just thought its a cool little bike to have and beat around on.
  4. dwil4

    $50 86 TRL 200

    Haha,yep. Maybe some of you can suggest a parts source other than ebay
  5. dwil4

    $50 86 TRL 200

    Im sure but I kinda wanna keep it to play around on. I had a TY175 when I was a teen and I remember it to be a blast..
  6. dwil4

    $50 86 TRL 200

    Im thinking I got a pretty good deal considering what the tank alone would be worth to someone. It is missing several pieces but I have a couple of XR motors sitting around so thats a plus. I have looked briefly for parts on ebay and it seems thay are hard to find and if you do find them they are pretty pricey. Im still not sure if I wanna keep it to play with or part it out because of this reason. Mainly need a seat and side covers.
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