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  1. Spanky

    Fan not working-2018 TRS RR 300

    As above, firstly bypass the thermostatic switch, this can be done just by swapping connectors by the head stock. If fan runs constantly with engine running then the thermostatic switch has gone. If still no fan then try powering the fan directly off a 12v battery to confirm if ik or not
  2. Spanky

    Lower frame protection (the bit that gets hammered)

    Csp do a larger plate. Don't know if its any good
  3. Spanky

    Gear oil filler plug thread size?

    A modified gp10 bottle works a treat as a funnel and drain.
  4. Spanky

    TRS swing arm and rear suspension lube

    All you need here. http://trsmotorcyclesuk.com/tech/
  5. Spanky

    Numberplate options

    I use a printed number plate sandwiched between 2 pieces of clear vinyl material. It's visible and flexible enough that it doesn't get damaged. Yes, its technically illegal but its the best i could come up with. I also use very little road and always ensure i ride sensibly. From that they can tell i'm taxed and insured and i hope common sense will prevail. I'm yet to test it though.
  6. Spanky

    TRS clutch biting point

    I have an '18 250rr and use plutoline gp10 for the gearbox, clutch works fine with this. I would personally take it back to the shop for them to look at with such a new bike
  7. Spanky


    You can run it with a tube, no problem 👍🏻
  8. Spanky

    Reiger shock set up.

    Thanks, I'll give it a try👍🏻
  9. Spanky

    Reiger shock set up.

    Yes ive read his q and a's where he says to get static sag (but this was on his young lads bike who is light). I dont think i could get static sag if i tried with the heavier spring in. I've also read that setting the preload to 8.5mm should give you no static sag. I have also been in contact with reiger to confirm which spring i need but they haven't got back to me regarding set up. 😭
  10. Spanky

    Reiger shock set up.

    Trs 250rr. Trying to find out base settings on my shock. To find out information is virtually impossible. Basically i have changed the spring for a 80 n/mm one due to being a chunky lover. I have pre loaded the spring to 133mm (or by 7mm), this gives me no static sag and a race sag of around 60mm. I have set rebound to 10 clicks out and the compression to 35 clicks out. Does this sound about right as a base? Any advice greatly appreciated, many thanks 👍🏻
  11. Spanky

    UK MOT horn

    I get mine through the mot using a cheap button on the handle bar, 6v horn and pp3 9v battery. I cable tie the battery to the fork behind the number board and connect it up outside the mot station. It takes minutes to fit/ remove and has never been questioned.
  12. Spanky

    TRRs mixture screw

    3/4 of a turn out sounds about right for stock settings (if its revving cleanly off the bottom leave it alone). As you wind it out from there you will probably find the bike will get a bit 'poppy' on over run...