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  1. Erky181

    Bent frame

    What was the out come mine has done the same as this
  2. I called the splatshop , and told him my symptoms and he advised changing crank seal , it’s running fine now , I think I’m going to replace the float valve and float as cheap parts hopefully it will be fine now
  3. No I’ve not laid it over at all
  4. Sounds like this rear tank set up is rubbish no wonder they changed back to front tank
  5. So finally got it going , still not sure what’s wrong but ... changed crank seal and nothing , so started stripping it , took exhaust off and it was full of fuel , as the bike is new to me i May have left fuel on. , some how it’s flooded the bike , some things wrong but at least it runs now ... going to buy few new parts for the carb , at one point this week I had fuel coming out the overflow pipe so had carb apart about 3 times
  6. I have cleaned carb out several times not touched reed block yet , will check the throttle cable and see
  7. Pretty much tried all that mate been on it two days now
  8. So just picked up a 300st 2015 bike was running went out all day had few issues with it stalling on hill descents , it didn’t start super easy 3 or more kicks , so go it home washed it started it ... put it away for 4 days got new plug drained fuel tank added fresh petrol ... trying to treat her nice now bike is just dead not even a chance of firing nothing I have a solid spark , I have fuel in the carb Lean the bike and fuel comes out the overflow , plug is wet on kicking the bike over .. unplugged plugs and connections , disconnected the kill switch no change really stumped any help appreciated , other are pointing to crank seal just can’t believe that had solid day on it 4 days ago ??‍♂️ thank John
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