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  1. markbxr400

    heavier rear spring

    Not sure whether the 17 fits the 18 or not, however, the link is to Beta USA. If you send them an email detailing what you are looking for, they are usually very quick to come back to you: parts@betausa.com
  2. markbxr400

    heavier rear spring

  3. markbxr400

    Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    Thanks. Kinda thought it was toast. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I ordered a manual in-line petcock. I installed it this morning. Worked out pretty well. I found a hanger bolt that sits in a pretty good spot for attaching the petcock. I had to get a longer bolt and a small spacer to fix the petcock in this spot. At least now I can positively shut the fuel off and eliminate my fuel tank from draining.
  4. markbxr400

    Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    Has anyone tore into the fuel solenoid? Mine is obviously just stuck open. Every day I ride it, it will completely drain every drop of fuel I put in the tank until empty. I have the solenoid in the "Auto" position (up) . . . Bike hot or cold. . . Fuel cap on or off . . . Doesn't matter. Empties the tank. I now live with a metal pan under the bike in my garage to catch all remaining fuel in the tank after a daily ride. I've bought an inline petcock valve to at least have a positive way to shut off the fuel at the end of the day, but I'd sure like to get the solenoid working, as I know it's also intended to keep the bowl from filling when I simply shut the bike off (or stall it in a fall). Right now, I'm pretty well having to start the bike as in flooded condition (WOT). Can't be a good thing to have to do. Hard to believe a simple float valve on a Beta doesn't work like a float valve on any other motorcycle and seal off the bowl (I have replaced the valve and adjusted the float level to spec). Is my only option to replace the solenoid or can it be repaired? Thanks for any help.
  5. markbxr400

    Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    OK, back to the fuel solenoid. Riding last night and noticed a constant drip from the float bowl overflow when I stopped the bike and had it on the kickstand. Wouldn't stop even with the solenoid on "Auto" and the engine off. I drained the float bowl, and it apparently filled the bowl right back up and it started leaking again. Still leaking today. Anyone else have problems with the solenoid either not closing or a seal leaking, etc?
  6. markbxr400

    Practice area!

    Some fun with some buddies last night. After trying obstacles on the EVO, the XTrainer just has to try the same things.
  7. markbxr400

    Practice area!

    My 4 yr old grand daughter asked if I could ride on a piece of culvert laying over by the fence. Told her to help me move it and set it up as a balance beam and crossing obstacle and we'd try it out tomorrow night. She's pretty good operating the front end loader and grapple on the tractor so helped me move it and a couple of stabilizing railway ties into position. Should be fun!
  8. markbxr400

    Practice area!

    Added a small rock garden to my trench, and a few other new rock obstacles.
  9. markbxr400

    Practice area!

    I out together a new rock obstacle with my tractor yesterday and had a chance to try it out on my EVO and XTrainer this evening. Rock (which are rare around here) is about 5 feet long, and I pitched it such that it is around 4 feet high. Just enough that I don't go over the handlebars when coming down it. Will give me a great obstacle to try different methods coming up.
  10. markbxr400

    Beta Evo 4t 300 first ride experience

    300 4T is my first trials bike. Have nothing to compare it to, other than many decades of dirt bikes. Love mine. Very confidence inspiring to try things I'd never think to attempt on another bike. Also, if I want to ride it at home, it is so quiet the neighbors never even take notice that I'm riding it.
  11. markbxr400

    Evo 4t Carb

    I'm at sea level, and mine had serious flameout/decel popping (PO rode at 10,000+ feet with stock jetting). I went with a 132.5 main and 25 pilot, dropped the clip one slot (second slot from top) and changed to the silver spring. Solved all of my issues. Starts easy, purrs like a kitten, no decel pop or flameouts, good low end grunt.
  12. markbxr400

    Trial bike for single trail riding

    Key thing to keep in mind is speed. If you're simply trail riding, fine. If you're riding fast, trials bikes don't really have the brakes or suspension like a woods bike would have. Very small rotors, less stopping power, higher wear on the brakes. Small fork tubes, lighter suspension components, a lot of bottoming on the suspension. All by design for trials purposes.
  13. markbxr400

    Evo Map Switch

    I just need something that reminds me which switch is the map switch vs the headlight switch. . . I ended up writing an M on one and an L on the other with a metallic sharpie . . .
  14. markbxr400

    Practice area!

    More time to play on obstacles today with my son-in-law. Have a lead on a big culvert and other obstacles .. .
  15. markbxr400

    Beta 2019 models? When release?

    Heck, Beta could make a lot of people really happy if they'd just put a rear fender on that didn't snap off so easy and then cost $160 to replace it! And maybe an intake hose (carb to engine) 1/2" longer that didn't come loose so easy. Other than that, perfectly happy with my 16 EVO 4t.