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  1. sorry should have said they are Showa
  2. my 315 has an annoying crack/banging noise on full extension fork seals are good and checking the oil levels they seem fine as per the manual, oil was recently changed. The manual does mention in the right fork section a "stopper rubber" I don't see it in any of the pictures or the parts diagram, any ideas ? I also see that the left fork has a "rebound spring", this could be adding to my noises, do these generally give any bother ? I see it in the parts book but unless I am wrong its doesnt list it with a part number. before a full striping I would like parts at hand or at least located as I dont want the bike off the road for long and although annoying its perfectly ridable. thanks
  3. 07 sherco 125 shock has decided to let the oil out its the original and it seems it may be easier to buy a used shock than trying to get this rebuilt what other year of sherco shock fits into an 07 bike ? thanks
  4. ar22

    07 125 pig to start

    had thought that, but took head off and filled it with petrol, rings sealed it well with no leak through. better do a compression test
  5. We have an 07 125 Sherco it has always been a bit problomatic to start from cold but we always put that down to the fuel tap not turning off properly and it flooding the engine over time, this has has now been fixed. The bike is hard to start cold but when it goes it runs perfectly but if you stop it hot its a pig to get going again. had barrel off and all is good in there, tested ring sealing and all seems well. carb is clean plug changed thinking it may be coil or stator, do these give bother and if so is there any way of testing them ? any other ideas ?? thanks
  6. Beta manufactured the motocross engines for Ktm 50 and 65 from 2004 to 2008 The Beta rev 80 engine is the 65 engine with a different barrel. The 50cc Beta trials also used the same auto engine Beta and KTM have had strong links engine wise and led to believe the newer KTM engines have a lot of Beta influence if not some manufacturing.
  7. she has the flywheel weight already it just wanted to run on so much, it was all clutch and brakes that made it hard work 10t and new slow throttle on tonight and she will be a different bike
  8. moved my son from a 125 to a used 300 evo out on sunday for the first time and she was lovely and he loved it but a handful searched this site for how to calm her down a bit head insert, slow action throttle, 10t front sprocket all decided upon just checked before ordering anything and she has a 13t front sprocket ! (41r) no wonder she was such a handful and why all sections were in 1st gear moral: always check the basics
  9. after a few nights doing the search with google and "trials central..............." I have found more threads covering all my topics and other things I only thought about than I can believe. so apologies to those who have looked at them and said "that has been asked 20 times before" and rolled their eyes I was actually a bit embarrassed as the neutral selection issue it seems has been talked about to death thanks, its a great site full of great info (if you can find it)
  10. thanks for all the replies I read every post in "the clutch fix" with great interest and realise a lot are having dragging issues also causing neutral issues too. But our clutch did seem ok when cold, its nice and light and just slicked into first without even a jolt forward. I will take it out and give it a good clean anyway but it seems its a Beta thing and we may have to just live with it. I will also reduce the oil mix as recommended, better just check my 315 Montesa can run so low as I wont be making 2 mixes I would be interested in this though, if anyone has the answer it was only my sons first day out on the 300 after moving from a 125 Sherco, seemed a nice running, easy starting bike with obviously plenty of power, any set up hints or mods that make it better would be appreciated, (I am not very good with the search function on this forum) thanks again
  11. cheers I think I will drop to 60:1 this is really hard to get neutral, almost impossible
  12. had the 2012 Evo 300 out today for the first time. couple of minor issues the exhaust was spitting oily mess from the mid joint, I had the exhaust off last week and had fitted 2 new o rings. I will remove it again check the o rings are intact but refit with sealant to ensure a good seal. will silicon do the trick or is there some else I should get ? I ran it at 50:1 as I had it mixed, I think I better reduce the oil a bit as per the book. and repack the silencer. clutch seems great, no dragging even when cold etc but while the bike is running it is very hard to find neutral from 1st, its a bit easier from 2nd any ideas ? thanks
  13. had the 315 out today and can report a vastly improved front brake the lever has much more feel, before it was very wooden it not as sharp as our Beta evo brake but still very acceptable. I am still using the standard caliper, I suppose if I want more power I will have to fit a 4 pot but I doubt I will do that, unless I get offered one cheap. thanks
  14. ar22

    Beta Bolt Kits?

    I just bought them on ebay, various lengths available so no cutting required and they are very cheap
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