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  1. I will try to heat up the washer I am pretty sure it's not the fork seals weeping they seem ok now do yoibknow of on the left-hand leg I could just undo the screw and then replace or will the internals disappear up the leg and need the oil drained before I refit the screw
  2. I have already replaced the copper washer at the bottom of my left hand fork as it was leaking did a trial and it was still leaking there I have since changed the fork seals so had he washer out again put back together and the left hand fork is still leaking from the bottom after I have had a ride around the garden Any ideas on what else could be causing this as the washer has been replaced
  3. Have you found any lasting solution for it
  4. I have noticed wear on the chain on my 2012 evo and have found it is rubbing on the rear brake pedal there is a fair bit of movement side to side in the pedal would replacing the Bush and bearing take this movement away or any ideas how to stop the chain and brake pedal from touching
  5. Might try heat will but I broke my vice trying yesterday is it a big vice you use mine is only a cheap small one and wasn't up for the double bearing in the delta link
  6. Got most of the bearings changed today just the one on the delta link to do i can't get the bearings out of here they must be seized in my vice is not man enough to push them out and I don't have a press any ideas on what I could try just these last ones to change Cheers
  7. Thanks I am sure it is the dog bones and suspension knuckle how is best to go about getting the swing arm off i will order the bearings and try and do the job myself about £70 for the bearings i have seen
  8. It is definitely up and down movement it seems pretty solid side to side what would I need to replace if it's suspension linkage ware
  9. Hi I have a 2012 evo and after a trial today I noticed I have a fair bit of play in the swing arm if I lift the rear wheel it goes up about half an inch to an inch on would say and clunks Do you think this would be solved by changing the swing arm bearings I am grateful for any advice
  10. I put a post on the club page asking if anyone was looking for someone to ride with etc noone messaged back saying I could go with them for a practice so still in the same boat of nowhere to go
  11. I don't have any decent size rocks to go over and also no drive I only have bricks or a log but that is to narrow I fall off the side and also a bit big for me to get over at the moment
  12. My problem is going over rocks rear wheel lift and riding in the burns I just don' have anywhere to practice I am going to the Inverness trial next week but I just go round it myself as not many ride the easiest route all the trials are an hour and a half from me so a fair distance to go to setup the closest one to me was cancelled this year
  13. Thanks for reply Randolph leap would be good just seems like to many people there would be probably kicked off the ground pretty quickly I thought I had somewhere to go but 2 other guys use the ground and the farmer doesn't want a third person up there
  14. I am near forres in the north of Scotland I am in the Inverness trials club but can' find anyone to practice with anywhere near me
  15. Hi all I am really struggling to progress the biggest problem I have is just having nowhere to practice and No one to practice with When I am at a trial I find some sections very easy and clean all the time and some reall hard like lucky to get a 3 but then I cant practice so every trial is the same and No progress is being made I find it very hard to ride in the rocky burns and over any sort of obstacle I just cant get any rear wheel lift to get over and just clatter into then I need to practice getting back wheel up I watch videos on YouTube all the time I know what I should be doing but just nowhere to practice it any thoughts on what I could do
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