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  1. diesel2607


    I put a post on the club page asking if anyone was looking for someone to ride with etc noone messaged back saying I could go with them for a practice so still in the same boat of nowhere to go
  2. diesel2607


    I don't have any decent size rocks to go over and also no drive I only have bricks or a log but that is to narrow I fall off the side and also a bit big for me to get over at the moment
  3. diesel2607


    My problem is going over rocks rear wheel lift and riding in the burns I just don' have anywhere to practice I am going to the Inverness trial next week but I just go round it myself as not many ride the easiest route all the trials are an hour and a half from me so a fair distance to go to setup the closest one to me was cancelled this year
  4. diesel2607


    Thanks for reply Randolph leap would be good just seems like to many people there would be probably kicked off the ground pretty quickly I thought I had somewhere to go but 2 other guys use the ground and the farmer doesn't want a third person up there
  5. diesel2607


    I am near forres in the north of Scotland I am in the Inverness trials club but can' find anyone to practice with anywhere near me
  6. diesel2607


    Hi all I am really struggling to progress the biggest problem I have is just having nowhere to practice and No one to practice with When I am at a trial I find some sections very easy and clean all the time and some reall hard like lucky to get a 3 but then I cant practice so every trial is the same and No progress is being made I find it very hard to ride in the rocky burns and over any sort of obstacle I just cant get any rear wheel lift to get over and just clatter into then I need to practice getting back wheel up I watch videos on YouTube all the time I know what I should be doing but just nowhere to practice it any thoughts on what I could do
  7. diesel2607

    Hey Ho From Iv30 In N.e Scotland.

    Are you still riding trials I am from forres and looking for someone to ride with if your interested
  8. diesel2607

    New Member From Close To Inverness

    If you ever fancy practising with someone I am from forres and still looking for a riding buddy for practice
  9. diesel2607

    Needing practice

    Hi all well still in the same boat still struggling to progress still on the easiest route and still have nobody to practice with or any land to practice on is the anyone in moray that needs a riding buddy I could get out with
  10. diesel2607

    Brake fluid level

    I have a 2012 evo and looking at the sight glass for rear brake fluid it looks low I took off cap to fill but the level hasn't gone up and fluid was at the top of the tube should I fill with rubber insert fitted or removed and why has level not risen in sight glass Thanks
  11. diesel2607

    Needing practice

    I feel I am struggling with trials although I am enjoying it my scores are like 30 plus marks off the pace and that's on the easiest route I know I need to practice more but don't have anywhere to go or anyone to practice with alot of sections are in burns with stones and I just don't have the control I need over them I want to practice just can't find anywhere to go just seem a bit stuck
  12. diesel2607

    Knocking front wheel

    I still have the plastic guard in place on my bike can't see anything touching just movement in the wheel forward and backwards but not the disk
  13. diesel2607

    Knocking front wheel

    Yeah it's s floating disk get no side to side movement just forward backwards
  14. diesel2607

    Knocking front wheel

    Hi just been out on my bike and felt the front wheel was knocking when I have the front brake on and gently push the bike forward and backwards you can see the brake disk is still but the wheel is moving causing a knocking feeling Does anyone know what could be causing this I had front wheel off and only have one washer on the brake disk side between the fork and the spacer not sure if this could cause the problem or if I am meant to have anotger washer the other side Any help with this would be great
  15. diesel2607

    How do

    Yeah it's called Inverness and District motorcycle club idmcc the have a Facebook page and website trials pretty much every month