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  1. yes, quite interesting, I like it too - I think the owner just took his file to the head, which originally is rather square, but he changed the entrance of the clutch cable into the primary case, the clutch sits on the crankshaft behind the round cover - front fork, front brake, rear brake is all MZ, I'm not so sure about the frame (and the tank badge is nicely misleading)
  2. at the time these zündapp models were not available to the public, they were purely bespoke models for their factory riders, now they are frequently on offer in germany, the 100 cc model was sold recently and the 200 cc model is not sold yet (www.trialforum.net, look under Marktplatz - Biete)
  3. well, at this time the production of the bigger 175 cc, 200 cc and 250 cc Zündapp engines Franke, Sengfelder & Co used, was already stopped and (apart from their 50 cc models) Zündapp had just one 100 cc engine in production (as seen in the model in the Motorrad pages Zündapp Spezial), so I suppose this engine was considered too flimsy by the english companies looking for engines - the great Zündapp 125 cc and 175 cc enduro engine came later in the end of the 60s and beginning 70s here are two other Zündapps, the first seen at Brockhöfe 2009 and the second this first weekend of September in Rüdersdorf near Berlin at the 5th Klassik Trial, last leg of the Inter-NordicCup 2018
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    Helmet Colours

    well, oldtimer is ok, if they are allowed to be slow, but I just found this interesting forum, so my first post here: England (GB): of course BRG Austria: dark red with black rim Australia: green with kangaroo Belgium: yellow Bulgaria: green with red rim Switzerland: red with white cross Tchechoslowakia: blue with blue-white-red rim Germany: white with black rim GDR: white with black rim and hammer and compasses Danmark: red with white rim Spain: yellow with red rim Ireland: green with orange rim France: of course blue Hungaria: red with green rim Italy: of course (light) red Luxembourg: purple red Norway: red with blue cross Netherlands: orange Poland: white with red rim Rumania: black with vertical blue-yellow-red stripes Sweden: blue with yellow cross Finnland: black Sowjet Union: white with red rim and red stripe with star USA: white with several blue stripes Source: Robert Poensgen: Ger
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