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  1. Hi, Got my Frame, Swinging Arm + Side Stand back from the Powder Coaters. I hadn't used this guy before but he is into bikes and older cars so was aware of what I was looking for. He also did all the blanking off etc prior to doing the Powder Coating. Very reasonable I thought at £90 all in. The colour code is RAL5015 a touch on the light side but I am happy with it. No let the spending start !!
  2. Ready to go for Powder Coat in the morning. I have had to do a lot of repair work to the Swing Arm. Replace the chopped of Rear Brake anchor point Repair the mounting point for the side stand rubber Repair and strengthen the side stand mouning bracket Replace the outer side plate for the chain rubber block Replace the front rear brake cable mounting dowel Oh the fun of restoring old abused trials bikes.
  3. As much as I would like to take credit for the replacement rear loop I can't. I am a time served fabricator but small bore tube is not my thing. The work was done through a friend of mine who has knows a fabricator somewhere on Merseyside who does quite a bit of work for him. I have seen other frame repair work he has done and it is very high quality. Not cheap but good work ain't cheap.
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    Hi, Looking for the follwing for my 198A Sherpa. Complete Rear Brake Plate Rear Wheel Spindle 17mm Dia x 240mm / 245mm The circular Metal "Seal" that fits under the rear sprocket and sits into the brake drum. Thanks Steve


  5. Hi, Progress update on my 198A. I have had the frame away and had the butchered rear frame loop replaced. I have also now got the correct rear wheel but I am still missing a Rear Brake Plate and the "Seal" that fits under the rear sprocket into the rear brake aperture. The work continues.
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    HI, Help please, I am looking for a complete rear wheel for my Bultaco 198-A that I have just started to restore. Rim condition is not an issue. Or a Hub and brake plate would be good. Are Sherpa rear wheels the same across most of the late model bikes are are they specific to a particular model. Any help will be appreciated.


  7. Hi All, Just aquired a Bultaco 198-A I think? to restore. I was told by the seller that the bike has been in a shed for 30 years [And it looks like it]. I am after confimration of which model I have got and a few other questions. The frame Number is RB 198 03580-A Engine number is RM 198 03580-A There are no bottom frame tubes but a factory looking alloy bash plate fitted. Also the rear frame tube is missing and looks as if it is an original alteration. It looks like the 199A Bultaco on the In motion Bike ID page. I will be looking for a Rear Wheel and Brake Plate as there was an unknown wheel fitted very badly in the bike. I will post phots of progress as it happens.
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