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    Hi, I am looking for an Outer Ignition Case for a 198 / 199 Bultaco as in the photo with the Thumb Emblem. A case requiring small repair would be OK. Thanks Old Geezer


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    For sale is my restored at no expense spared Bultaco 198A. No V5 Engine fully rebuilt, Rebore, Big End, Rod. All new bearings, New clutch plates, electronic ignition Etc. Frame Powder coated,New swing arm Bearings New OZO Shocks, Rebuilt Forks, Rebuilt Wheels, New F/R Tyres, Guards, Seat, Restored Tank, Domino Levers, Throttle, All New Venhill Cables, The list is nearly endless.

    3,995.00 GBP

  3. I have put my restored matching numbers 198A. It has not got a V5 and a prospective buyer has asked if it could be registered? Thanks in Advance
  4. Old Gezzer

    New Mikuni.

    Thanks for the help Lorenzo. I got my 198A from Norfolk last year so probably not to far from you.
  5. Old Gezzer

    New Mikuni.

    Hi, Just replaced the Amal Carb on my 198A that I have restored. My question is. Is the choke on the Mikuni when the lever is down or when the lever is up? Cheers
  6. Nice looking Butaco. A credit to you for the Resto. 👍
  7. The Bultaco logo on a 198A and 199A model have a raised border as in the photo. There is no reason that the case will not fit just i believe it is from an earlier model?
  8. My 198A has a different profile around the Bultaco badge.
  9. Hi, A Clutch Case that came with a box of mainly 198 engine parts I just bought.Anyone help with which model or models they are off? I think we can ignore the black paint!! Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, Have a look on the Web for Wax Jacket Refurbisment. There are a few on there
  11. Hi, Found these people on Tinter web. Wax Jackets Cleaned Unit 5a, Marcliffe Industrial Estate, Macclesfield Rd, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7 5EG 0161 484 2002
  12. Hi, Firstly many thanks to all who gave me the helpful advice. Next, Rebuilt the carb after cleaning with Carb Cleaner and fitting 4 new jets as per Lorenzo's advice. Bike now starts, runs and ticks over. The tickover screw is fairly well nearly screwed all the way in. The needle is in the middle of the 5 grooves, If I lift the needle one groove will it give me better use of the tickover screw. 2nd Question, Where do I need to be with the Air Screw? As a starting point how far should I screw it out from it been fully screwed in? When should I know if it is correct and running sweet? Thanks in Advance.👍
  13. Hi, Thanks to all for the input. I have stripped and checked the carb again! It is jetted with the same as specified above. Given a good clean with carb cleaner and a can of compressed air. I found 2 blocked jets. The needle Jet in the bottom of the carb body and the Cold start Jet which took some finding in the bottom of the float bowl. The numbers on the Carb are "L 2627" and 401. 4 new jets on order so we will see how we get on at the weekend. Cheers.
  14. Hi, Just nearly at the end of Restoring my 198A. And I have a problem with the Amal Carb. I cleaned it out after soaking it in parrafin for a couple of weeks and fitted service kit to the carb but the bike will not fire up off the carb. If I tip a little fuel down the plug hole she fires straight away. I have fitted a new needle valve and checked the float is operating correctly, that is shutting off the flow of petrol when bowl is full. I fitted a new needle in the same position as the old one i.e in the middle grove of the 5 grooves.And if anyone has a list of the correct numbers for the jets that should be in the carb that might help. Any help or advice would be appreciated. I have been advised to bin the Amal and buy another carb but I would like to keep the bike original. Thanks in advance.
  15. Inmotion are a very good supplier of quality parts for both Twinshock and Mono Trials bikes.
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