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  1. Honda and the Suzuki are both great looking bikes. Good luck with the Yam resto. 👍
  2. Hi, Make sure the "Muffler" mounting Lug is on the outside of the mounting bracket on the frame.
  3. Just a question relative to this post. Where in the UK is the place to get a Genuine OKO Carb from Please?
  4. Nice looking bit of Fabrication work there. 🛠️🛠️
  5. There is a guy in Liverpool called Chris Bond. He has a reputation as an experienced Engine builder. If you want to contact him PM me and I will put you in touch. Old Geezer.
  6. Have a look at "Electrex World Ignition" I use them on the Bultaco's I restore.
  7. Hi, I have used 3 Rod Kits that Inmotion sell, No problems with the Kit. Bit expensive but if you need one, you need one.
  8. Hi, Inmotion have them in stock. https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/petrol-tap/
  9. Why not get it stripped down to big bits i.e. Engine and Frame then crate them up and find some space in a container heading your way. Probably cheaper than an expert export packer charging a small fortune.
  10. Try Inmotion they may be able to help you.
  11. Thanks for sharing your brilliant photo's 👍
  12. Hi, Try these people in the UK, They do a large range of spares. Villiers Services No.3 Merry Hill, Quarry Bank BRIERLEY HILL West Midlands DY5 1SD United Kingdom Email: Sales@VilliersServices.co.uk Tel: 01384 265797
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