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  1. Hi, Inmotion have them in stock. https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/petrol-tap/
  2. Why not get it stripped down to big bits i.e. Engine and Frame then crate them up and find some space in a container heading your way. Probably cheaper than an expert export packer charging a small fortune.
  3. Try Inmotion they may be able to help you.
  4. Thanks for sharing your brilliant photo's 👍
  5. Hi, Try these people in the UK, They do a large range of spares. Villiers Services No.3 Merry Hill, Quarry Bank BRIERLEY HILL West Midlands DY5 1SD United Kingdom Email: Sales@VilliersServices.co.uk Tel: 01384 265797
  6. I have never had any issues with remanufactured pistons as long as they are good quality. Italkit pistons are very good.
  7. Hi, I have taken these dimensions from a New 72.5mm Italkit Piston. The exhaust side is 65mm and the Inlet side is 61.5mm These are measured from the bottom of the Skirt to the outer edge of the piston crown. Hope these are of help to you. Old Geezer
  8. Hi, You will find the item is called a Decomressor and it fits in the cylinder head in a tapped hole the same size as the spark plug hole.And is operated by a small lever usually on the left hand side of the handlebars. https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/14mm-decompressor-kit-universal/
  9. 👩‍🦳👩‍🦱👩‍🦰👍
  10. Hi, I would try "Yambits" UK based and very helpfull. They have a Dating service, and carry a vast array of parts at very reasonable prices.
  11. Wow thats some rear brake return spring set up.
  12. Thats some nice work on the shock mounts. 🛠️
  13. Hi, We are currently paying around £6 per gallon for Fuel. !!
  14. Back in the early 80's I used to ride a true Pre 65 Cub. No fancy Dan bits, It had a trials box, std shocks inc poor ground clearance, Heavy weight Std Triumph forks, Very poor brakes, 199cc Squre Barrel and head And an Amal Carb. Oh and it had points so no electricery ignition sytems. It was great fun it was the rider who got the best out of his bike that did well. I also rode a Rigid D1 Bantam, Not a lot to fiddle with there it was FUN. Rode in overalls and steel toed wellingtons. Does any one else think the present situation with "Pre 65 " bikes is more like my Dick is bigger than yours and I have loads of cash to make a Fiddle bike. I learned to ride on a variety of bikes when I was around 12 to 13 years old. One of the bikes was a 500T Norton now that was a monster of a bike. Again I think that back in the Day it was the rider who got the best out of the bikes that were available at the time. I agree that the bike should only be "Modified" with parts that were genuinley available in period at the Time. I know that things move on but how long before some one goes Fuel Injection and Electric Start on a Pre 65 bike ??? 🛠️
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