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  1. Hi, Thanks to all for the input. I have stripped and checked the carb again! It is jetted with the same as specified above. Given a good clean with carb cleaner and a can of compressed air. I found 2 blocked jets. The needle Jet in the bottom of the carb body and the Cold start Jet which took some finding in the bottom of the float bowl. The numbers on the Carb are "L 2627" and 401. 4 new jets on order so we will see how we get on at the weekend. Cheers.
  2. Hi, Just nearly at the end of Restoring my 198A. And I have a problem with the Amal Carb. I cleaned it out after soaking it in parrafin for a couple of weeks and fitted service kit to the carb but the bike will not fire up off the carb. If I tip a little fuel down the plug hole she fires straight away. I have fitted a new needle valve and checked the float is operating correctly, that is shutting off the flow of petrol when bowl is full. I fitted a new needle in the same position as the old one i.e in the middle grove of the 5 grooves.And if anyone has a list of the correct numbers for the jets that should be in the carb that might help. Any help or advice would be appreciated. I have been advised to bin the Amal and buy another carb but I would like to keep the bike original. Thanks in advance.
  3. Inmotion are a very good supplier of quality parts for both Twinshock and Mono Trials bikes.
  4. Hi, From what I know about BSA's the C15T engine number denotes that it is a 250cc Trials engine. But check that the "T" has not been added. My late father was at one time Clerk of The Course for The Scott Trial when it was organised by The Darlington & District Motor Club, that would have been in the 1960's. The BSA factory used to loan the club a works C15T to use in setting the course out. Steve
  5. Hi, I think the "Herstellungsdatum" is the date the tank mold was made. There is a date under the rear of the tank as Lorenzo said and it is for 1980 which I would assume was the year of the tanks manufacture. I have just dropped the tank off with my painter so I will have to wait and see how it turns out. Cheers Steve
  6. Thanks for the information everyone. I think for now the Tank will go on a shelf. Cheers Steve
  7. A bit further on. Ignition side of the engine is done. Bars and levers loosely fitted Mudguards fitted. I have had to shorten the rear stay on the front wheel by 23mm dont know if anyone else had an issue with stays from our major Bultco supplier? rest of the assembly is ticking along nicely and hopefully not to much left to do. Main jobs are get the tank sealed and painted and cut and repack the exhaust. For some strange reason the site wo'nt let me upload a photo?? Cheers Steve
  8. Cheers Lorenzo, I have a date of 1980 on the underneath of the tank. Steve
  9. I got this tank with my 198A that I am restoring. I believe it is Fibre Glass [Not Good] and has a push fit fuel cap I believe it could be a period Sammy Miller item?
  10. Hi, I have got a hold of what I believe to be a Late Model Sherpa Plastic Tank. Can anyone confirm this please?
  11. Hi, Bit of an update. Over the holidays I have assembled and fitted the engine. New Big End and Rod Kit, Rebore, New Piston, New Fibre Clutch Plates. New Front and rear sprockets, All new Stainless Fastners. Fitted both tyres and got on with quite a few other cosmetic jobs.
  12. Hi Woody, Thanks for everyones help. I have a 198A that I am restoring. It came with I think a period Sammy Miller Fiber Glass Tank which is shot. I also have a correct Plastic Tank which needs painting as it is well worn. But I am concerned about the ethanol issue taking the paint off.
  13. Thanks jonboy83 I think they are out of stock at the moment. I get all my Bultaco parts from Dave. I will email them and ask the question if and when they are getting them back in stock. ?
  14. Hi, Has anyone have any experience of the Butaco Sherpa Alloy Fuel Tanks currently for sale on Ebay? These are made in India just wondering what the quality is like. The pictures of them show an unfinished tank without a Fuel Cap. Any comments are welcome. Old Geezer
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