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  1. netley

    349 wiring

    I have a diagram, I'm after one of just the switch as the switch I have is not original. I've seen an original switch for 35 euros but with out any wiring. There are ones with wiring harness attached but 140 euros? I don't think so especially when they are selling a generic £5 brake light switch for 100 euros !!!
  2. netley

    349 wiring

    Thank you. I need working lights as there's a trial I want to enter when the world is sane again, which stipulates having working lights. A friend says he may be able to help as he thinks my aftermarket switch is wired wrongly. Is there a wiring diagram of the switch? Does anyone have one?
  3. netley

    349 wiring

    Hi, Just looking at returning to my 349 after 6 months of working on an old British bike. My bike has a wiring loom that is a little tatty. It has an aftermarket switch but didn't have any lights. I have bought aftermarket front and rear lights and managed to wire them in and my electrical knowledge is all but non existant! All appears to work but when the revs rise the bulbs blow. How is the voltage regulated? I need the lights for an mot. Thanks for looking. Neil
  4. Hi, Thanks for all your input and apologies for late response. I shall be trying to fir the chain later this week. I won't be using the old chain as a guide as I am changing the gearing.
  5. I have changed the sprockets, it's just getting the chain length right then setting the tension.
  6. Hi, I'm replacing my chain and sprockets on my 1981 Montesa 349. I've never done this on a bike with a tensioner. Any hints and tips out there? Cheers.
  7. Cheers, A friend made me a puller to remove the primary drive sprocket when I changed the crank seals. I'll ask if he can make an adaptor for that...
  8. Managed to cut a slot in with a multi tool and got the nut off by using a screwdriver in the slot.I can't get the stud out as I would like to at least clean it up put it just turns.... Got a puller behind the sprocket and put tension on it.Given it plenty of thumps wit a hammer and will leave it overnight I suppose.
  9. I had a 1976 Bultaco 191 but couldn't get used to the right hand gearchange. I now have a 1981 Montesa 349 and don't find myself changing down when I want the rear brake ? Bought both from the twinshock shop in Sidmouth so you may be local?
  10. Offending nut indicated.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to remove the front sprocket off my 1981 349. I can't get my 3 legged puller on and trying to remove the curved bracket that goes around the sprocket. I've taken the bolt off that holds the chain tensioner on but when trying to undo the top nut the whole thing is turning and won't undo. I'm concerned as to what is at the back of the threaded part as it goes into the case and I don't know if it's undoing something inside. I'll attach a pic when I can resize it correctly. Cheers Neil
  12. I am now only awaiting confirmation from the DVLA telling me what my registration number will be and it will be road ready /legal. I am thinking of trying to get the fuel tank looking a little tidier. Does anyone have any experience of painting these tanks? It's plastic though it has been repaired underneath with fibreglass.
  13. Hi All, Having got the leaking clutch case sorted, it was the seals around the gear selector and clutch actuator shafts, I am now in the process of road registering it. It now has an MOT and the NOVA docs are with HMRC as we speak. The bike has a wiring loom and I am trying to get working lights on it but the switch is not original and there are a couple of wires not connected. Does anyone know of a suitable alternative to the originals as these seem to be around the £100 mark. Cheers.
  14. Gear change shaft wobble. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qj4XUUBJl8
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