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  1. pat


    Hi, Will kindly ask if you know of, commonality yes/no regarding fuel tanks for FM330 vs FM350? Available NOS fuel cap? -maybe Acerbis "small" std threads? Do you know of anyone who offers spoke sets for FM330 1979 off the shelf? BR, Pat
  2. pat

    Villiers 197

    Thanks jc2 and the rest of you for this nice 6-8E info. Looks like these engines are more common at the Pre-65 trials scene today vs 10y ago...yes. Have tested one, fathers 197cc, rebore, only new rings, old std ign, std carb and simple pipe..not bad actually..Now sold. Ive not read the Villiers Singles Improvement Handbook, but do remember friends ref to instructions eg inlet porting floor, improvements require hard plastic sealing a "hole in the floor" according to the handbook, no? Been running a slowmo 197cc project for some years..interupted by a low budget Bantam (actually yes )... Have finally collected most Villiers parts- and received almost all ordered spares from Steve.. -Regarding CR, "The 7e was said to be developed for trials with available piston options from 8.25:1 to 10:1" As I understand my piston is std with mesaurement from wrist pin to piston top face 35mm, I would guess this mesaurement has not been altered (2-t) at different pistons for CR options, different piston top shapes vs std flat, yes..what do you know? -different bottom gaskets, yes - taking off mtr from top of cylinder, yes - and of course ideal head combustion chamber Im a Villiers leman and a 2-t nerd, the Villiers stroke is long and the piston is tall.... Question: Do you know if anyone ever offered batches of new prod 6-8E ally swan neck manifold for Amal flange/26 or S25...Swan neck is a must have for trials as I understand..Milling a straight manifold could be done....BR, Pat
  3. Thanks alot dadof2, Aha of course. The jig a third option not dismantle the crank ..my bad luck in thought.. Jig should not be impossible to machine from ally or steel. Do you know why K type roller cage is useless for small end, does it crack maybe? Was happy for an hour when finally found, after looong time search, odd size roller cage....K. Well, in the back of my head remember something about small end roller cage needs to be specific cage design.. cheers,
  4. Dear all, Im just interested if any of you know how people maintained their small ends in the period pre roller cage bearings and for that matter, today at 4-t, eg ultra thin BMW. Press in the new bush in place, Ive done, fine drill by adjustable reaming tool 0.01-3mm, Ive done. Maybe Ive done it wrong.... Think Ive read when order new small end bush for eg Pre-65 2-t, "you need to fine drill inner diameter by reaming tool once bush fitted to the con rod" .... Regarding a thin mtr bush 1.5mm eg like BMW, a very skilled man, 55y of expericence, claim that nothing but dismantling con rod from crank will do, -to be able to fine drill a small end bush in cod rod in a "mill"... Eg is this the way how to maintain a 4-t eg BMW by the manual, dismantle the complete crank each time??? Cheers,
  5. pat


    Thanks alot ourian and bigshineybike Aha, BSF and socket head cap.. http://www.stainlessautomotivefastenings.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=116_52&sort=20a&page=4
  6. pat


    Dear all, Any idea where to search for allenkey head screws 5/16" 22TPI? Do not have to order these from the US, do I???? Are 99% sure of the threads, anyhow- similar to the fine threaded end of Bantam cylinder studs cheers,
  7. Hi Andy, I would like to order a pipe from below:-) http://www.msrmotorsportengineering.co.uk/pre-65-trials-bike-frames/b-s-a-bantom-trials.html
  8. My misstake only looking at evilb..order Available http://www.mdracingproducts.co.uk/universal-rear-fender-cross-27# Any idea how well these matching the rear tyre radius?..~£4 cheaper vs evib for accurate plastic compound/colored grains Even Preston Petty brand from the 70´ seems to be in business -polypropylene, UVI and thermal shocks resistant, no black http://www.dsoracing.it/index_en.html Powder coating alloy as secure option, look-wise. Actually, have seen baked copies of alloys.
  9. Dear all, Do need some advice here, where to search for proper black full lenght, ~180dg, polymer compound 5" mudguards similar to all OEM, Acerbis, UFO... mesaurements and shapes identical to 5" alloys = accurate diameter for 18 x 4.00 for "periodic 50´ rigid look:-) Were naive enough assumed no one offering rear 5" full lenght with smaller radius than required for 18 x 4.00.... should match what?? 17 x 3.75 is it even possible to find for OEM Cota 125?? And China compound not at all corresponding to all trials / motocross panels, tanks, mudguards..Ive ever seen from -75 up to date. M G.. Cheers,
  10. pat

    Tyr Dog Bone

    Hi all, Will ask if any of you have done an overhaul of the TYR rear suspension relay arm? Due to nipples mine lasted for ~29y..ok the play is NOK so could probably needed replacement 3y ago Do you know if the 2 bearings of same mesaurement, in the suspension relay arm , by any chance is industrial std bearings / seals? bearings pn 93315-31732-00 seals pn 93109-17048-00 Cheers,
  11. Hi all, Little about Bantam final gearing : -which size, teeth of rear sprocket do you think is the best combo with the smallest engine- and gearbox sprockets from Rex, riding 1st gear in Pre-65 sections? 56t--60t? My weight is ~65kg.
  12. Thanks b40rt, Mons will be in my travel plan for next year.. Peters packing/architecture of fuel tank, seat and muffler is one of the best Banters Ive seen. Have planned this height positioning of fuel tank, tunnel vs top tube like a speedway-ish fuel tank position..and sub frame height vs head, fun to see it executed
  13. Thanks Jon, Mick Ash has been very helpful and kind answering questions over some ~1.5 year now. Will order a kit from Mick if I find a gearbox at ok price..in which his kit fits. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It would be intersting to know how this wide spread issue is solved at B40, Cubs and pre-unit Triumph twin boxes. Villiers had all sorted out allready at 4speed boxes for 9E. Cheers, Pat
  14. Hi all, Will kindly ask you for some tips or guidance where to find a skilled workshop who might be able to cut gears for 1-3rd gear, one off for pre-unit gearboxes? (not for Burman GB11/GB47 ) Cheers, Pat
  15. pat

    Amal Main Jets

    Thanks ClassicEd, B40RT and Naichuff. The hard way, here I come again :-) In the old days own jets where taylor made when needed... In terms of "hole diameter" 115 is most likely betewen 110 and 120...ha ha. I dont know, not an option for Keihin and Mikuni I would say, maybe for Amal. cheers,
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