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  1. all, haven't posted in ages, but something that maybe of interest to those of you that may be considering road registering your classic bike. Now is the time to do it, prior to the DVLA regional offices shutting and whilst it seems the need for inspections isn't so great. More information here: http://www.twinshock.org.uk/spip.php?article261
  2. When I start riding trials again 10 years ago, I bought a few 'modern' bikes, but for various reasons, including depreciation, I switched to classic (twinshock) trials which has been ideal, both in terms of cost, value for money and needless to say, an excellent laugh ! Trials is cheap and if you can handle a spanner, its possible to make money from your bike. They appreciate rather than depreciate. I started riding Classic Scrambles last year and though the entry fee for an event is more (
  3. Excellent trial, I've done a short report, HCTC Clyro Trial
  4. I've used the GoPro HD camera for classic scrambles and also for trials, and please with the results. Having an HD camera means good results for the TV or for youtube
  5. An update on dating your Yamaha (currently looking to do this for a TY250 twinshock). You can still call customer services at Yamaha Motor UK, but they will ask you to send an email to cust.service@yamaha-motor.co.uk and include the frame and engine number, make of bike, along with your address and contact details. They will then contact you to arrange card payment for
  6. This was the Ledbury Club but held near Hay on Wye and it was for Classic and Modern bikes (with different classes) and a single route. Next fixture in the areas will be a Western Centre trial up in the hills at Craswall, run by the Wye Valley club (good venue) on 12 Dec. The next trial at Clyro will be on 2/Jan AFAIK and will be the AMCA Herefordshire Classic Trials Club; no modern bikes, but air-cooled mono's (like TY's) will be fine. Clyro is good, in terms rocky streams and some hills and turns. ACU Western Centre Website
  7. Given that up the road near Builth Wells in was -18C, amazed that as many people turned up as they did, including observers !?? review of the Ledbury Classic and Modern trial The conditions were interesting....
  8. Organise a trial or some practice even, I'll come up. Got there (and the other Western Isles) on my Transalp a couple of years back, excellent spot.
  9. ah well, Dear Home Video Maker YOU
  10. I rode the Classic Experts poorly last week, had to get the spanners out about 10 miles from the start, kick the bike a bit. but had a great laugh. So why do I ride trials ?, for . Sorry Mark.....
  11. Have done the usual write up with pictures and videos. Good fun, wet feet and lots of slippery rocks.... twinshock.org.uk article
  12. Interestingly enough, my fibreglass Sammy Miller tank and seat unit has just failed this weekend (with a hole along one seam). Not good, for more words and pictures see: twinshock.org.uk article. I think this maybe a result of using some 97 RON fuel (Shell Advanced in this case), which may have a higher ethanol content.
  13. Not been out on the trials bike for a while, as being riding the Welsh Classic Scrambles championship for the season. No transport and late notice meant I didn't make the Greensmiths, so went to a local Gwent trial instead. Report write up is on the http://www.twinshock.org.uk website, as well as some video footage. Nice to be back on TC
  14. I've not entered this year, though the shortened road mileage will attract more twinshock entries. Its only back to 2006 (if i remember rightly) that of the 80 odd entry only 10 or so were twinshock (the first year of the class being extended beyond pre75 Spanish). ACU Traditional too hard for many (incl me), SM about right ? There was talk of a new twinshock championship but will this kill the SM ?
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