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  1. So have I have the Vertigo combat 2018. Installed the wifi module. I can see the tps, diagnostics etc, but loading the different maps I downloaded from here seems to have no effect. If I adjust a map, when I upload it to the cpu, then restart the bike, it appears that it is back to stock. Am I missing something, is there a way I have to "switch" to my custom map? Thanks, Dave
  2. Is there a manual for a 2018 300? I have a 2017.5 300 fajardo replica, that has been upgraded to 2018 300 electrics, wiring, ecu etc. Very confusing finding the correct info Thanks! Dave Metricwerks@gmail.com
  3. Your seal looks backwards. The pressure in the cooling system should press on the back side of the seal (side shown in the picture) to force the seal lip with the spring onto the shaft more.
  4. New tire (same one, dunlop) solved the problem. The one dunlop must have been slightly too large on the bead????
  5. Yeah, I have external spokes. I'm going to pick up a new tire today, hopefully that fixes it! I don't see how the rim could possibly be the wrong size.
  6. Hmm. I don't know how old this tire is. Was on the bike when I got it last fall.
  7. HI, I have a 2015 txt280 pro replica. I've been having problems with the rear tire losing pressure. It isn't leaking, but somehow breaking the bead during my ride. I run 5 - 6 psi and can't pinpoint when/where the tire goes flat while riding, but it has to be breaking the bead somehow. I removed the tire, cleaned the bead, checked and cleaned the rim and everything looks good. Rim is straight and true, spokes tensioned and no gouges etc on the bead area. Not the valve stem. I'm running the dunlop 803 and it's in good shape. Any ideas before I just order a new tire and hope it fixes it? Tire holds air indefinitely if I'm not riding. Dave
  8. Hi, I would really appreciate a service manual for a 2017 and 2018 300. Thanks, Dave metricwerks@gmail.com
  9. I agree. Very limited options where I live right now. She's used to riding bigger bikes and does ok. Just being picky about the noise. We were trying to find a 200, but no luck. This 270 is in great shape and the price was right!
  10. Yes, sounds just like that. I can't tell how loud the popping is on the video, but on my bike it's pretty loud and sharp.
  11. Hi, I picked up a couple bike for my spouse and I. A 2009 evo 290 and a 2007 rev3 270. The rev3 has a loud popping/snap from the exhaust at idle. The evo sounds great. and is not loud. I repacked the muffler, replaced all the o-rings and checked the complete exhaust for leaks. Is this just how the rev3 sounds? It's really loud and my spouse doesn't like riding it because of it. I also tried dialing in the carb. Didn't help. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
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