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  1. I took the flap off mine when I did the six days drilled the hole a little bigger and put a rubber drain plug in . the flap work's ok but in deeper water can cause problems. here's the plug i used
  2. there's a nice looking 300 ice hell on eBay at the moment . I'm sure you could make it nice and soft . I've put a low comp head on a beta 290 and it made it very nice to ride
  3. you've not got the floats in upside down?? I've done that before
  4. Hi my 18 250 clutch is a bit rough on the biting point . it's when I do tight turns it pushes the front . I run the nils gear oil . I see that you can get different spring plate anyone tryed these
  5. is it not still under warranty ??
  6. I was thinking the same, but 3 or 4 mls of oil per litre would it make that much difference ? I've heard that the verigos run at 100 to 1
  7. you can get advice for a gasser or a sherco , there is not alot around for the trs .
  8. this file might help KEIHIN_SPECIFICATIONS_TRS_One_RR.pdf
  9. My 16 does it somebody suggested that I'm using the wrong oil or my clutch needs bled.i change up to 3rd then down to 2nd and it's never done it again!very unnerving when it does it halfway up a waterfall!
  10. I've had my lwb connect nearly 3 years had no hassle! Touch wood!!!!
  11. I think you'll struggle to get a bike in a short wheelbase connect,But 2 bikes fit in a caddy no problem
  12. The later models are bad for this for some reason my 16 model did this.i got told to change up to 3rd then back to second, and I've never had it do it again
  13. These don't have the standard fast or slow domino throttles.they do have a quick action.you can buy a amal throttle which has a slower action
  14. I've tryed different springs before.the problem i get is you need to do something with the front as you lose the balance of the bike
  15. I would speak to beta uk they will sort it out for you . They always have great service
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