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  1. walz

    This guy is a professional keyboard troll. Would love to see you in a comp or anywhere in person. So many opinions and little modern day talent

  2. Enduro riding. Not seeing modulating it and clutch on trials.
  3. Appreciate the thoughtful insight. -Clake gets in way of clutch but works in really deep ruts w rekluse. -great point on ACU -Loose downhill I’d definitely be on both brakes. -the thumb is an interesting idea. for the keyboard jockys that say I must not know much about riding. I’ve been on the moto tracks for 30 years, guided mountain bikes around the world, run in the A class for enduro and have quickly moved to the top of the advanced trials class in 3 surrounding states. I feel like better rear brake modulation by a different method would be a benefit. Appreciate the positive dialogs.
  4. It’s well positioned. A boot on a pedal just has less modulation than a finger and lever. One benefit would be when hopping in place both ends would be locked. I’ve slipped the back brake and taken a point enough times. Also, when hopping solely on rear wheel (front stays in air) I would have an easier time repositioning with more modulation.
  5. I thought of one problem: using throttle and front brake to lift rear wheel. Still curious to try. Let the flogging start:
  6. It’s a crazy idea and I just wanted to hear feedback. For back wheel hops, wheelies, or even controlling speed in a section I’ve always struggled with rear brake modulation. I tend to favor the front brake. Tempted to split both brakes off front lever. Lets hear why it’s a horrible idea! Maybe I’ll just give it a go and find out for myself.
  7. Not huge, one is a couple tires on end with much less than a bike between them. Maybe 3’ high but the radius kills the TRS so I’d have to wheelie, stuff the front on 2nd tire, then hop the next from a stand still without much traction. Beta clears radius and rolls. I need to ride the beta on bigger stuff but that’s tough when it’s not yours. other obstacle is a 4’ rock to an immediate 90. A floater then a drop is far more hazardous then simply rolling on the beta.
  8. Not a rock. Two features that are put together. Beta rolls over but on my trs I would need to use a completely different tactic. I consistently podium in advance in surrounding states. Plenty to learn but not my first day.
  9. Out of hundreds of obstacles there are two double moves I can do on his foreign-to-me beta immediately but have never gotten on my trs. I like the turning radius and smoother power as well. Ill keep riding them back to back over the next month before buying the next fresh one. Thanks for the input.
  10. I've been enjoying my '17 RR for almost a year. I ride advanced. The Betas have 1" plus of extra ground clearance and that does make the winning difference sometimes for 2 ledges in a row. There is one obstacle I consistently do on my buddy's Beta that I'm not used to and I've never put it together on my TRS. I want to trade my TRS for a Beta: Change my mind!
  11. walz

    2019 RR Vs One

    Betas turn better sure. What do you need a 5th trials gear for? 20' ledges? When filling your coolant remove the one 8mm bolt up front, top of rad moves forward and filling is as easy as any. That said, I'm looking to sell my RR and try Beta.
  12. as a 230# advance rider currently on a 300RR.... I'd recommend a 250 and would ride a 250 myself if given the choice again . Until your a champ level needing to drop the clutch under full power the 250 is a better choice IMO.
  13. Correct, all the '17 TRS Reiger springs measure 140mm so optimal range is 127 to 133mm when compressed with locking nuts. The year old lighter spring that was on my bike still measures 140mm so they do not seem to collapse over time.
  14. So much different info but here is the answer from what I believe to be the horse's mouth. Stew at Jacks Cycles impresses the heck out of me and here is his answer from the words of Raga regarding the TRS/Reiger: 10mm pre-load on the rear spring with a tolerance of +/-3mm. Any more and get a new spring. All brands even with the Reiger have different pre-load base settings. I matched the front springs to the rear (heavier both ends) and it feels balanced. This should yield zero static sag. Ride on!
  15. Thanks everyone for the input.
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