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  1. JMB123

    After Market Spares

    Two years down the road, I need to buy a few spares for my 2014 Factory 125. The back brake as stopped working and I think it might be as cheap to replace the cyclinder instead of trying to source a seal kit. Clutch cable needs replacing as it sheered off as it enters the clutch clutch cylinder. Back mudguard broke off today and just beyond the end of the exhaust. Are there any reliable suppliers out there for after market spares or is it a case of having to go to the Beta UK for all of the above? Also, rear tyre will not hold air pressure. I can see where it is not sealing between the tyre and the rim. After reading a few posts, I tried WD40 and pumping it up to 60 psi but no luck. Any ideas what I can try next? Thanks,
  2. Front brake and clutch levers now adjusted correctly. Thanks for your detailed advice.
  3. Thanks to you all for your input. I will bleed the clutch and change the gear box oil. Perhaps it has something to do with the clutch not operating correctly as the bike is still cold. It is a bit chilly these days in Ireland as winter is still with us! What I don't understand is that it feels and sounds as if she is fully engaged in second gear but after a few seconds of riding, it pops out into neutral. Another question, if I may. Should the clutch and brake levers have a fair amount of play in them, before they begin to do what they are designed to do? Trials is completely new to me after spending years on road bikes. I thought it might have something to do with the young lad who I bought the bike from. He may have had small hands.
  4. Hi, I have just purchased a 2014 Factory 125 which I am very happy with apart from a few niggling problems. The first one being jumping out of 2nd gear when cold. Any ideas of possible causes? Thanks
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