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  1. Wow your really going to town, I agree some of the parts are abit hard to come by but anything can be found if you look hard enough, clutch seem a bit better with different oil still a bit of slip but controlled with brake and doesn’t effect its awesome power. really are a classic and all reviews say best of its time, and bullet proof reliability ?
  2. Brilliant, I agree love the bike and at 23 yrs old, it’s a challenge mine still creeps but can hold it back as it’s not too bad, going to try clutch cylinder next, had light oil 75w semi syn in it but changed it to 15-40w mineral and its slightly better and time will tell i had water in oil but hopefully cured that with new seal. there was a lot of oil sludge in rad but flushed it out and seams ok. just love been in garage Laking with it, what power it’s got too ?
  3. How’s the bike now , does it still lurch at all what oil did he use ? thanks
  4. Brilliant, is there no clutch lurching anymore, did he say what it was and what was cost my rad fan was kaput, so took all apart and got a standard 5v usb fan from home bargains £2.99 then went on eBay and got a 12v to 5v reducer £3 modified it and wallop, works a treat, run for 2 hrs and fan kicks in a treat. just need to sort my clutch out, going to try 0 to 30 fully synthetic, will let you know how it goes. getting there ?
  5. I’ve just found that the fan on rad is kaput so sourcing another one but not original as mucho £ cant wait to sort it out and get out on it ?
  6. Brilliant look forward to what they say?
  7. I will check and thanks for the tip on connectors will kept you informed on how it goes?
  8. Mines 23 yrs old but been well looked after, your right hopefully collectors items in time
  9. No I’ve not heard owt about ATF i am gonner try the putoline strawberry mix and will let you know ive had the pump cover off, all seems to be ok, tried an o ring at back of impeller again will see what happens going to try and get fan to kick in this week and test it out love prattling about ?
  10. I have found oil in the water “ clumps” around filler and by water pump which I think means it’s been leaking a while. there are so many different combos out there for petrol to oil mix, confused really, some say non some say synthetic putoline strawberry mix, confused really as when I bought it had some in but lad didn’t know what he’d put in in ?
  11. thanks for that Agreed non synthetic is best dont think it’s a big job to change pump seal ? enjoying doing it up
  12. Mines better, and same think seals gone on water pump where are you getting new one from please ta
  13. I had a Beta 2002 200 and with all betas until the engine gets hot when you engage it lurches forward, so I went on this site and found the better fix you take the plates out and file the gaps between the clutch materials to remove the glue, as when the plates wear the glue makes it stick put it into this site, Tate a couple of hours and made mine 80%better thanks for other info, looking forward to tackling it
  14. Hi, just purchased the above bike it’s in fairly good condition for age a couple of questions please, Should the clutch stick like the Beta ones, if so can it be addressed same removing glue between material ? What’s the petrol mix to oil ? oil for gearbox type ? link to servicing and repairs Thanks in advance
  15. Thanks worth a thought ?
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