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  1. Trial tyres

    Thanks worth a thought 👍
  2. Trial tyres

    Thanks for info 👍
  3. Trial tyres

  4. Trial tyres

    Thank you Thanks
  5. Trial tyres

    Can someone please tell me if the Beta rev3 wheels require an inner tube or tubeless and is it doable at home or best take to garage. Also would the leak spay stuff work. thanks
  6. Beta rev 3 2000 model

    Have a look on Alliexpress I’ve doing up my 2002 Rev2 200 and have had a few bits and really cheap
  7. 2 Stroke oil

    Get your coat 😂
  8. Clutch slipping on Beta rev3 2002 200

    I have ordered the putoline as above, 🤞🏻 crossed and thanks again 👍
  9. Clutch slipping on Beta rev3 2002 200

    When I type in Mobil™ DEXRON-VI ATF I get Mobil ATF 320 is this it, sorry but not sure
  10. Clutch slipping on Beta rev3 2002 200

    Thanks for this, I will try the different oil and let you know👍
  11. Clutch slipping on Beta rev3 2002 200

    Thanks for this, just seems that Beta haven’t sorted this out as it’s been going on for years, I thought a fix would have been done via a mod to the plates, but hey ho will try and thanks again this I by far one of the best forums that I know of, and what’s brill we all have a common interest, - Bikes 👏👍
  12. Clutch slipping on Beta rev3 2002 200

    Hi thanks for the reply i freed all the glue around the clutch plates as per the link on this site. when the cover is taken of the plates are behind the cover that is held in place by 6 bolts, washers and springs after the cleaning up I did the above in reverse its a lot better than it was i will strip and have another look ! thanks
  13. Clutch slipping on Beta rev3 2002 200

    Yes only tested on stand, I bought the bike toook it out of garage next day and started it up, when I put into 1st gear it lurched forward and to be honest **** me up as not expexting it, so been apprehensive, hence only on the stand, did the clutch “ fix” i addjusted the hand lever so that the bite was just slack 3mm on the plates , at the back it’s fixed and front it’s the cover that fixes it, sure I put them back as was the springs have been tightened to the stops is there something I’m missing ?
  14. Clutch slipping on Beta rev3 2002 200

    all were cleaned in order and put back, flat plate, clutch plate etc it was working then stuck so I did the “fix” 1.2mm left on all clutch pads ?
  15. Clutch slipping on Beta rev3 2002 200

    Hi I know this has been covered loads of time and I have been through the Beta forum i have done the “fix” with removing the glue, I have used light emery on the flat plates, the oil in gearbox is Silkoleane light gear oil 75w. Which is 10/40 I believe, this was in when purchased i have done the refitting and when I start up on stand, depress clutch and put in 1st or 2nd and the back wheel spins, if I put brake on then I can rev and engine doesn’t cut out so it’s slipping if put it in 4th or 5th the rear wheel doesn’t spin new clutch oil in reservoir and all bled, enough play at hand control end thanks in advance