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  1. I currently have a similar issue with my GasGas TXT. Yesterday I found the reason: The woodruff key sheared off and the flywheel turned on the crank shaft... Canario
  2. Canario


    Former GasGas Enduros are now labeled Rieju.
  3. Canario

    Vertical R 2020

    Yeah, especially looking from the right side.
  4. Canario

    Vertical R 2020

    These are exactly my thoughts about the new R2. I wanted to buy one and waited with impatience, but this graphical design is definitively a "nogo".
  5. Canario

    Vertical R 2020

    Such a beautiful graphical design! I would immediately buy one, if they were still available.
  6. Canario

    Vertical R 2020

    There she is: -> Link
  7. Canario

    Vertical R 2020

    They posted another photograph. Black fork bridges and stanchion tubes in combination with a grey frame. -> Link
  8. Canario

    Vertical R 2020

    2 days? -> Link
  9. Canario

    Future of Gasgas

    From a technical perspective: Why a new design? Canario
  10. I absolutely agree, that the stock bikes are already on a top level. Further assuming it is 98% up to the driver whether or not he can make the 2.50 meter step, we are talking about the last 2%, which can make the difference. In this regard I think about the usual measures for the two-stroke engine: Modifying the intake diaphragm Timing (inlet/outlet) Treatment of overflow channels and outlet Machining of crankshaft and piston Fine adjustment of the exhaust (cone) Extensive testing and fine tuning "Easy" to do for the top teams, difficult for small teams. Canario
  11. I use GRO Gear Extrem 75W. Working great. Canario
  12. I use Castrol Power 1 Racing 2T (1:100). Canario
  13. Give me Bous bike and I am the new world champion 2020. ? Canario
  14. Vertigo has fuel injection and a central tank. From what I have seen in regard to engine and gearbox, a TRS is a GasGas with better build quality. But do you see a technical progress from 2015 to today? Canario
  15. Looking back on to the designs of most manufacturers (TRS, Beta, GasGas) over the past years, I do not see so much progress at all. The technique of most components is decades old, but with some tuning you can get out some additional percentage points. But these modifications are difficult to realize by small teams. The biggest progress came from Vertigo and they did this "from scratch". I would prefer to stick with the stock bike with stock components. On the other hand side: Whether or not a rider makes it to the top depends more on the support and willingness to travel of the parents than on the bike. Canario
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