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  1. Canario

    Future of Gasgas

    Here the news in english: -> Link Should be good news for GasGas entirely, but I guess with view on well established TRS, Vertigo, Beta, for the trials division it will be a long way back.
  2. I understand your point, but I try to see it from Jeronis point of view. The doping test took place a year ago on 16 september 2018 in Arco di Trento. The analytical finding was notified to the rider on 23 January 2019. FIM let him ride the whole season(s). So it took a year to come to a decision, that's not the fault of the rider.
  3. He lost all points from 16 september 2018 to 16 september 2019. I would say, that is punishment enough.
  4. With yesterdays GP he is now on place 13.
  5. Canario

    250 or 300

    What do you guys think about the following procedure? Buy a 300 ccm bike and if you feel that it really has to much power, just mount a 250 ccm cylinder-/piston kit.
  6. Canario

    Re Packing Exhaust

    Does someone know the diameter and needed length of the rivets? Thanks!
  7. With my 2013 GasGas I would have to dismantle/split the engine in such a case?
  8. My preference: 90 seconds time limit and stopping/riding backwards allowed. Was so easy last saturday in Heiligenstadt (Germany) with Busto and the Peace brothers.
  9. Hmm, interesting point: The top 5 are minimum 32 years old.
  10. X Light: 5340 grams X11: 5870 grams
  11. That makes sense. In Zelhem (Nederland GP) most of the top riders had the X11 mounted.
  12. At first I am looking behind the obstacle, then I concentrate on getting the frontwheel placed in the top third of the log and then I am looking further forward. My problem is the timing/coordination of throttle, unweighing and clutch. It should be possible to practice it without the bike but I didn't get it managed right.
  13. That's exactly what I am doing wrong also (my guess). It is so difficult to find the right timing (or better coordination) of throttle, unweighing and clutch.
  14. Here is what Pat is saying about this issue: -> Link
  15. Yes, always nice to watch Pat, the 11 times US-Champion.
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