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  1. With yesterdays GP he is now on place 13.
  2. Canario

    250 or 300

    What do you guys think about the following procedure? Buy a 300 ccm bike and if you feel that it really has to much power, just mount a 250 ccm cylinder-/piston kit.
  3. Canario

    Re Packing Exhaust

    Does someone know the diameter and needed length of the rivets? Thanks!
  4. With my 2013 GasGas I would have to dismantle/split the engine in such a case?
  5. My preference: 90 seconds time limit and stopping/riding backwards allowed. Was so easy last saturday in Heiligenstadt (Germany) with Busto and the Peace brothers.
  6. Hmm, interesting point: The top 5 are minimum 32 years old.
  7. X Light: 5340 grams X11: 5870 grams
  8. That makes sense. In Zelhem (Nederland GP) most of the top riders had the X11 mounted.
  9. At first I am looking behind the obstacle, then I concentrate on getting the frontwheel placed in the top third of the log and then I am looking further forward. My problem is the timing/coordination of throttle, unweighing and clutch. It should be possible to practice it without the bike but I didn't get it managed right.
  10. That's exactly what I am doing wrong also (my guess). It is so difficult to find the right timing (or better coordination) of throttle, unweighing and clutch.
  11. Here is what Pat is saying about this issue: -> Link
  12. Yes, always nice to watch Pat, the 11 times US-Champion.
  13. A conventional kick-starter is fine as long it is on the correct side of the bike. 😁
  14. Here is a sample on how the riders react, when the observer judges very exactly:
  15. Canario

    Future of Gasgas

    Looks like a name change: Racing 2019 -> Racing 2020
  16. Canario

    Future of Gasgas

    Maybe it depends on the location. https://gasgas.com/ as well as https://torrot.com/ are working fine here in Germany.
  17. I found this: -> Link Here is the main page: -> Link
  18. I agree with you. Some weeks ago, I watched the GP in Zelhem. After the GP all three riders on the podium reported independently that it was a "very easy" competition. During qualification and later in the competition I saw each of them also frequently talking to Jordi Tarres as well as to Jordi Pascuet. So I think that the top riders and the organisers agree that the organisation of the events, the performance of the bikes and the level of difficulty of the sections are exactly what they want. On the other hand side, as a Clubman rider, I don't claim to ever be able to ride the same sections as the top 10.
  19. Yes, but the T125 class is not part of the event. Off-Topic: Just noticed that the best french T125 starter of the last years is the son of the guy who sold the bike I ride today.
  20. Thank you very much for that hint. I didn't know this function before. Many of the translations are quite funny and require a lot of imagination. But, as you already wrote, better than nothing. The best translation is "music" when a GasGas goes through the picture and "car" when the Repsol Montesa is heard. 😁
  21. Looks like practicing gas and clutch control for a zap. I will give it a try next time on the bike. See -> here. I don't understand a word but would love to have him as a trainer.
  22. Is it just a rumour, or have they actually loaded the e-bikes into small transporters (good old Diesel) on longer intermediate routes between sections in Belgium?
  23. Toni Bou won both Qualification Races today.
  24. Canario

    Future of Gasgas

    That is exactly what I have observed in Europe and especially in Germany. It is unclear to me how GasGas intends to win back ground in the short to medium term against a highly professionally positioned and price-wise highly attractive brand like TRS.
  25. Hmm, the japanese observer would have lost face. No option at all. Canario
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