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  1. guys's post in Tyre Pressure Trade Off was marked as the answer   
    too much variables to get my head around: Rims, terrain, riding style, skill level, tyre brand, tube or not, ...
    And if you use the search function of this forum, you'll find enough about the subject, to keep you busy for a while
  2. guys's post in Pinging was marked as the answer   
    I never noticed you asked a question in your posts.
    Oh well, no harm no foul. Here's something I found on youtube (ignition starts at 5:00): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpN4Iix_fkQ
    Also take a look here: http://www.gasgas.com/tech.htm
    That should keep you busy for a while...
  3. guys's post in 4Rt Advice Please was marked as the answer   
    Engine: with oil filter change 0,44 liter
    Transmission: 0,54 liter
  4. guys's post in Feature Of Floating Disk? was marked as the answer   
    This is normal.
    Did a small search for you:
  5. guys's post in Showa Forks Help. was marked as the answer   
    Is the top cap removed when you've got this problem? Because as stated above, in a closed fork leg, the air trapped inside will act like a spring at the end of the stroke...
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