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  1. Wasn't that TV program about Brazil? Brazil is known for its sugarcane-based ethanol fuel program and VW Beetle production also.
  2. A lot of the best people he was going to hire, end up getting arrested. The party of law and order.
  3. Stopping is allowed in the Belgian competition.
  4. True, a lot hop where it isn't even necessary.
  5. Hardline Hour/Tach
  6. Trump says he defends peaceful protesters, while 5 minutes ago, his troops pushed peaceful protesters back with tear gas, so he could pose as the religious hypocrite he is, in front of a church. But my congratulations to the Americans with the successful launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon. ?
  7. Care to explain why Flynn plead guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about contacts with Russia's ambassador to the US?
  8. Tired of winning yet? Luckily you've got a stable genius at the helm.
  9. Trump has ordered his flock to shoot any virus that's crossed his magnificent border wall.
  10. You really have no clue how ridiculous that sounds, coming from a Trump supporter, do you.
  11. Trump lying about what he said previously. He's done this kind of lying literally hundreds if not thousands times since he's in office, yet the gullible still think he's a man who "tell's it like it is". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aahfurgtDtE
  12. LATEST FALSE FACT-CHECKS ON DONALD TRUMP https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/list/?category=&ruling=false&speaker=donald-trump STATEMENT BY FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTORS https://medium.com/@dojalumni/statement-by-former-federal-prosecutors-8ab7691c2aa1
  13. Is that a standard exhaust damper in front of the cylinder head? I haven't noticed that before on other older Montesas.
  14. Yes, very comfortable. It creates the same position as on my Montesa 300RR.
  15. I'm 180cm tall and went for the 6 inch Renthals for my 159.
  16. Unite the US!? By not outright condemming the actions of nazi's and white supremacists. Is that how one unites the country? He can't even keep his administration (or what do you call it) together. He acts like a CEO with too much money and power: If one of his staff members doesn't do exactly like he wants it, he fires him. He's the worst example you could have, that an industrial manager, also would make a good political leader. If they can't replace Obama care, it's always someone elses fault, never his, although he claimed to be the best negotiator in the world. An effing disgrace, that's what he is.
  17. "And now we have people wanting George Washington and other statues removed and parks renamed " Do you have a credible source that confirms that? Or did Alex Jones tell you that?
  18. Yep, I like him too. If Trump had an ounce of self respect or if he knew shame, he would have resigned by now. He puts the job, the office of president, and the entire US to shame. And if the republicans had balls, they would have kicked him out by now.
  19. The idiot who calls every news station but Fox News, fake news, tweets BS like this, unbelievable but true: https://youtu.be/Ny3b0w7-Jac?t=1m22s
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