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  1. Trump was bad, and an obvious hypocritical christian, but Pence is a real fundamentalist and as such also capable of making some really bad decisions for non believers or people with other religious beliefs. I've seen a documentary once about a Christian, who searched for Jews, so he could persuade and help them, to move to Israel. He really believed in the second coming of Christ. How dumb can you be.
  2. Demographics play a significant part in the spread of the virus, so it's not so unusual to see low numbers in large rural areas. Our practice grounds have been open for most part of time, but only for a limited amount of people. But since we're a fairly small club, that hasn't been a problem so far.
  3. Also the emotional attachment some people clearly have with politicians is very unhealthy. The way they scream their adoration to, or defend policies from their favourite politician, inevitable leads to foolish, or in some cases, outright dangerous behavior.
  4. guys

    Alloy Fuel Tanks

    If anyone's interested, I have an old second hand alloy fuel tank, for a type 159 Bultaco, coming up for sale. It's a bit battered but not too bad. I bought it in England and had a Sammy miller sticker on it. Located in Belgium.
  5. Besides the fact that other companies are applicable, you're describing Trump.
  6. A lot of Trump supporters, like most of us, have legitimate concerns though, like getting money out of politics. The big donors still determine the political agenda, on both sides. Trump didn't come out of nowhere and he knew exactly what to say to the poor and conspiratorial minded people. Why so many saw Trump as their savior, with his criminal past and desipicable character, is mindboggeling, but had to lead inevitably to where the US is now. The conservatives will regret these 4 years of Trump for a long long time.
  7. Just an observation of an outsider: Trump hasn't been a president, he's been a cult leader, a megachurch televangelist. He proclaimed to be the smartest and richest man of them all, yet every week he stood in the pulpit, begging for money and begging for his ego to be stroked, demonizing his opponents, and sowing division. And the cultists believed every word he said. When he said there was voter fraud, there was voter fraud, who needs evidence when you've got an infallible leader, send by God according to some. And who cares that some of the other leaders in his church got death threats? They deserve it, they didn't follow the leader when he clearly told them to do so. Written in the year I was born, 1965: (Not much has changed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVhJmJRUlV8 (My advice: Never become a full blown fan boy, of no one.)
  8. First Trump incites others to do illegal actions for him, and when he can't use them anymore, or his lawyers tell him to do so, he throws them under the bus. He's done this all his life and throughout his presidency. Unless you're a real criminal with lots of money, then he'll get you out of jail.
  9. They were all following orders from the Liar-in-Chief tRump and his cronies like his son and Giuliani. He said he would march with them to the Capitol, yet another lie.
  10. I'm afraid it won't be the end of Trump, a lot of his supporters really believe his lies and will keep supporting him no matter what. And the conservatives need Trump, especially his supporters, so it wouldn't surprise me that he'll run for president again in 2024. Have fun in the desert!
  11. Trump supporters: Believe his outright lies and baseless conspiracies theories regarding systemic voter fraud, yet see no problem when he pressures others to commit voter fraud by telling Georgia Secretary of State to ‘find’ votes for him. And Trump's hypocrisy and double standards are very clear: Augusta Lawless: · "Trump in July 2020, regarding Black Lives Matter protestors: “Anarchists, agitators, or protestors who vandalize or damage our federal courthouse in Portland, or any federal buildings in any of our cities or states, will be prosecuted under our recently re-enacted statues and monuments act. Minimum 10 years in prison. Don’t do it!” Trump in January 2021, regarding an ARMED MOB OF DOMESTIC TERRORISTS storming our capitol: “Go home. We love you. You’re very special.”
  12. "A recording appears to show Trump attempting to commit electoral fraud" https://www.thepoke.co.uk/2021/01/04/recording-appears-to-show-trump-attempting-electoral-fraud/?fbclid=IwAR0nfeDcKVUOwtX7X7yM_jgWY8tenElSXdUisOL2Fz36anvsK54Yq3cfe1g
  13. Also: "Lawyers representing Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and a group of Arizona Republicans disclosed in a court filing Tuesday that Vice President Pence rejected their request to join their attempt to subvert the results of the presidential election." https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/532036-pence-refused-to-sign-on-to-plan-to-overturn-election-lawyers-say
  14. Rudy Giuliani's 'star' Michigan witness Mellissa Carone has been slammed with a scathing cease-and-desist letter from Dominion Voting Systems https://www.businessinsider.com/rudy-giuliani-witness-slammed-with-cease-and-desist-from-dominion-2020-12?international=true&r=US&IR=T
  15. Tell that to the guy who started this topic 🙂
  16. I bet the Data analysis on the Dominion or Hart voting machines will go the same way as the other +50 claims that were brought before court: denied, dismissed or withdrawn. But it will indeed be a very interresting time until inauguration day. I hope Trump refuses to leave the White House so they'll have to drag him out. That would be funny as hell.
  17. "At least 50 court cases regarding voter fraud have been denied, dismissed, settled or withdrawn." https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/trump-s-election-fight-includes-over-30-lawsuits-it-s-n1248289 And as if Trump and his cronies haven't been humiliated enough in court, here's a mathematician demolishing one of the ridiculous claims made by the Trump team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua5aOFi-DKs
  18. The grifter in chief and his family of frauds
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