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  1. Thank you I shall have a look !
  2. Has anybody experienced there 260 running hotter than the 250 ? I turned the idle down no problem seems absolutely fine thanks for the advice.
  3. Is it as simple as that ? I have heard it can lead to no start issues adjusting the idle ?
  4. Hi don't know if this subject has been covered before but I'm looking for some advice, the idle on my 2015 repsol seems high coming from a 2012 repsol. Is this normal & is there a way of adjusting this without causing any no start issues, is it as simple as adjusting the idle screw or is it not advised to do this and leave it as it is ? also the bike seems to run much hotter than my 2012 250 4rt is this something anybody has experienced ? I know the bike isn't overheating the fan comes on and off as normal just seems hotter even the fuel tank is hot to touch after 10-15 minutes of use, may this be related to the high idle speed ? Any advise would be great thanks
  5. My 2013 4rt only had this bike a few months love it, amuch nicer ride than my old gasser
  6. i have a basic idea about changing over tyres etc my question is.. I have a montesa 4rt 2013 is the front tyre tubeless or tubed, is there any technical information that may help me repair a puncture or replace An inner tube... or is it a pretty straight forward procedure before I get stuck in.. Any advice is appreciated
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