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  1. Many thanks. Will try that to see if it helps.
  2. Yep going to get one of those ordered. Thanks
  3. It will idle OK. I took the exhaust baffle out and replaced it with a new one. Old one was totally choked up and oil sparking from it when running. Still doing same though ?‍♂️ problem seems to be when you let the clutch out it just bogs down after running a while. Then tops completely until the engine cools down.
  4. Thanks. Tried that but no joy.
  5. Hi al Got a TY175 recently and nice looking bike. Starts OK but will only run for a few minutes then bogs down after riding for a few minutes. When you let the clutch out when pulling away, doesn't want to go, bogs down and have to give it a lot of revs, but then eventually it dies and won't start again then. Any ideas? I think carb related as repalced spark plug and air filter is clean. Many thanks!
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