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  1. wombat

    Engine Rebuild Time?

    ill try the plug first and see how it goes..thanks all.
  2. my 2003 Sherco 250 is hard to start after about an hour of riding, stop starting at a trial. Its been happening alot more over the past 2 or 3 months. I was told when I bought the bike(but no receipts) it had a top end done before i bought it about 4 years ago. Im thinking Crank seals maybe on the way out. Are they an easy engine to rebuild? Ive rebuilt my Ty250a a couple of times, so its about on par with that? Cheers. as an add on: I have cleaned out the carby time and time again, new airfilter, checked the float height as well.
  3. I still have the TK on mine and is running nice after 30 years of competition. I have looked a mikuni replacement later
  4. wombat

    74 Ty 250 Trans Oil

    used ATF Dexron III for years without any trouble..
  5. A good mate has cracked the main case behind the kickstart. At a local trial, he went to kick it to life and all he hears was a big BANG, as if someone hit the bike with a hammer. On 1st inspection he found the kickstart was not working, just loose when using his hand and a piece of alloy under the carby. GAME OVER! At home he took off the carby and found the crack had extended to under the carby position. He checked the oil carefully and there was no evidence of alloy or gear pieces in the drained oil. We are both at a loss as to how this happened. How easy is this to repair? Or are parts available?
  6. I finally found a Woossner piston, a full kit was A$160 I think, then had the bore honed to suit.
  7. Im thinking it maybe fuel issues here...as I dont have anyone close by who would let me strip their stator out of the bike (Closest 1 would be 200kms away...) Ill look at the carby again. Thanks for your input.
  8. Ive had teh stator checked out and its ok. Almost imediately it stalls i can re-start it 1st or 2nd kick.
  9. checked tank vent, all clear, I thought of that as well..no fuel filter as I cant find one small enough!! Its pretty tight under there..
  10. ok finally got the bike to run, and run it did!!! did some practice work, then it just stopped..1 kick and it fires back up and off I go again for another 1 minute, then stop. I cleaned out the carby, the gauze behind the inlet too, blew it all out with the compressor, checked the floats not sticking etc. there is no kinks in the fuel hose and its stock tuning. Can anyone help with this one?
  11. wombat

    Milky Gearbox Oil.

    he showed me a pic of the oil, and it would have done the ice coffee manufactures proud! He's taking the bike back to the workshop where he bought it a few months ago for a full check over( waterpump reco, fork seals and tune up) this week. It could be just condensation as you have pointed out, but he would like it sorted before he rides it again. Ive had milky oil in my TY250a ages ago and once the engine warmed up it wasnt too bad after. I changed the oil completely the next week.
  12. wombat

    Milky Gearbox Oil.

    thanks for the info, he does have a Yamaha WR400, so he is familiar with watercooled bikes, but this one had him stuffed. When my '03 Sherco's waterpump was failing, it dribbled coolant thru the small hole to let me know something was amiss there. The Beta has done none of this.
  13. wombat

    Milky Gearbox Oil.

    A friend has a '94 Beta and drained his gearbox oil and found it a coffee colour mess. There is no obvious sign of missing oil or water coming from the engine. How can we determine where the water is getting into the oil? I thought it maybe a water pump issue. Thanks.
  14. wombat

    Ty Pistons

    I cant contact him via phone from OZ, would you be able to ask him if he has TY250a .75 piston and ring kits, please?
  15. after a couple of days away from the bike I checked the wiring and it was still no go til I went to put the tank back on, I moved a wire and a black wire pulled out of the connector. I found a new connector, put the tank on and it fired up almost straight away! Now to test it properly, going for a ride! thanks for your help.
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