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  1. I think you might have a problem getting a V5 as it wasn't a standard road bike. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  2. Should be lots more than 3.5v. Hard to say what's faulty. Perhaps the condenser is faulty HT coil primary 4.5 ohm HT coil secondary 6000 ohm Open circuit on primary means its no good.
  3. andy.t

    Oil Pump And Light

    You forgot to mention you need to block off the carb oil feed. I wouldn't fit an LED bulb, the voltage is not stable and most bulbs that would fit probably are probably not suitable for fluctuating AC.
  4. There was a chap selling them on Ebay, looks like he has sold them all, might be worth asking him if he can make some more. Here's the old link for the finished item http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-ty-175-250-sidestand-repair-piece-twinshock-trials-project-/191721982131?hash=item2ca38548b3:g:qRwAAOSwpDdVB02
  5. andy.t

    Bar Risers

    lineaway, I haven't noticed that it changes the way the bike handles. Not sure why it would but I'm sure some scientist out there is about to tell me how it does. PS if that's a photo of you climbing a bloody great rock then I have to say I don't try that kind of thing on my TY so perhaps they might not be for you.
  6. andy.t

    Bar Risers

    Sorry if its been mentioned before. I have modified some yokes in the past to move the handle bars forward but I have just fitted some nice TY250 forks and Yokes to my 175. I didn't want to cut up the yokes like I did before so I thought I would try some Rox Risers. I like the extra height and adjustment that they give you. Just thought I would give it a mention for those people seeking some extra bar height
  7. Please follow this link and sign the petition. Basically people are buying homes or building on plots of land near motor sport venues and then complaining about the noise and trying to get these events shutdown. https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/72458
  8. Looking for some help on a front tyre. I have been looking at the Michelin X light front tyre and was wondering if anybody has tried one (on a TY175), just wanted to know any good or bad points. Cheers for any advice.
  9. Keep an eye on the gearbox oil, if its going down then its getting sucked past the crank seal. Could be why its Smokey.
  10. Hi, if a couple of shims will fix it then add a couple. Its only a kick start after all. As my Dad would say...it will probably see me out
  11. Hi, an old DT 175 clutch cover will fit. Not sure exactly what year it was they made the ones that do fit, probably around 1974.
  12. Yes mate your right it does say that, and I have the longer rear shocks fitted also. Mine is still dropped down 20mm. The problem I found is that with the fork tubes up high they tend to flex even more than normal and the rake on the forks makes it handle more like a chopper. Like you said give a try lower and you should notice less wash out of the front wheel. As for the risers there was a bit on here..somewhere. I chopped of the original clamps and drilled through to accept some clamps and risers off a husquvana motocross bike (£10 off eBAY), I did fit a bit of plate under the yoke where the casting is thinner so to bolt down on. It works treat and gets rid of that tiller effect that the pull back existing clamps have. Good luck with trial on sunday, you will have to get down to Suffolk and do some of our twinshock trials
  13. Glad you have improved the running of your bike. How do you get on with the forks mounted high in the yokes, looks like the tubes are nearly flush with the yokes. I used have problems with the front washing out on a tight turn with them mounted high. Recommend drop in yokes is 20mm. Thought I would just mention it...sorry if you knew
  14. Hi, the only time I had a real bad knock on low revs was when my pilot jet got a bit blocked. I have the Boyesens fitted on mine and with the fitting instructions it did say that you might have to go up a couple of jet sizes. I'm currently running on a 30. Like I said the knock was caused by a blocked pilot and even with the Boyesens fitted it still ran ok on a 25 a 27.5 and now the 30. Dont forget to adjust the air mixture screw after fitting new piolt jet. Regards Andy.
  15. Cheers for that info b40rt, had a quick look for info on that book and found this http://www.b50.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5347 Jesus.....give me a little end needle roller bearing every day of the week.
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