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  1. mjc477

    tl250 rear sprocket..

    yeah i see talon do a specific sprocket and spacer for ths 250.. i may go down that route and keep the original as is.. but at the moment im keen to keep it as stock as possible...even though i know its an expensive path
  2. afternoon guys.. ive been absent for a while whilst getting an xt500 back together ... im now onto a tl250... the rear bearings were shot probably due to the retainer being locked solid...when the wheel was off i have seen the original rear dished sprocket it showing signs of wear... i know these are hard to find ...there are a few are in usa but other than being expensive add on shipping and import duties make it very expensive.... so im going to ask does anyone know of any in the uk or even europe... i dont mind paying the going rate for one but it would be easier to cope with with out the extra ontop... perhaps someone has one hanging in their shed and wants some cash for it or has any one successfully redressed an alloy sprocket and ground back to shape?
  3. mjc477

    rl250 cdi

    just an update as i dont like reading threads that tail off with no conclusion.. new (ish) cdi from dk motors...pretty much 1st kick and away ... it runs good and strong and pulls like a train... thanks for your input
  4. mjc477

    rl250 cdi

    cheers guys i did order a cdi from dk spares today. ive always found them fair and if the item is faulty they usually replace it foc....they done me a deal on a coil too so hopefully will be running at the weekend...
  5. mjc477

    rl250 cdi

    evening guys ive been busy with other road bikes for a while but have just picked up a late 76 early 77 beamish... i have no spark generator is kicking out voltage. so i figure cdi unit is U S or coil pack does anyone know any coil test readings but im leaning towards cdi unit....so... does anyone have any links to tests/repairs for them..? sorry for any typos im using a tiny phone at the moment
  6. Cheers that answers that
  7. Just a follow up to my other post Does anyone know if fantic engine and frame numbers usually match..or are they like the old honda units and normally miles out
  8. mjc477

    fantic tx7 longshot

    It's an option I can see the engine number clear as day...do fantic bikes usually have matching frame and engine numbers?
  9. Righty hoe.. I know I won't be doing many sections on this .. But I now have this bike it does have a number plate and shows on the dvla website last taxed 2001... Does any one know where the fame number should be .so I can fill out a v62 I know it's a long shot but any info would be good ..The frame is pretty pickled so it's not obvious Thanks in advance
  10. mjc477

    Matchless G3

    Well ...compression was good so I thought what have I to loose.. Freed everything off ...carb is spotless...flushed engine ...Everything doing what it should...snapped plug of flush????bugger... Head off got that sorted ....magneto just sent off tonight for rebuild as it was dead as a dodo ...so hopefully good to go when it comes back... Does anyone have a tatty seat they don't want...probably a single sprung job would do ..nothing to clean!
  11. I will send a v62 form to dvla but they will have to check against the vin number But I'm not to hopefully on that. ..
  12. Getting a v5 is generally not a problem. Getting an mot is pretty staight forward... But getting a dating letter for the correct year registration number is the biggy. Normally a letter from yamaha or vjmc will do but because this is a lower made special frame I may need another route... It will help though as it does have a frame number so it's just finding a reference dvla will accept
  13. Decision made.. The bike is going to be rust-ord.. I'm going to leave what I can as is but get it mechanically sound..shouldn't be to bad as it is in pretty good shape and mostly there to begin with. So here are some questions if you can help.. I want to get a v5 so will need a dating certificate from a recognised group. ..has anyone done this with ? Will yamaha or vjmc be able to do this...or is there another alley. And I'm gonna need rear shocks any ideas as to the best route..probably more green lane than competition. ..but I do want somthing that is period looking And what rear silencer would be suited Thanks in advance
  14. I will check it out and see if it's nickled under the paint. .. Is there a preference clutch cable for these bikes
  15. Well its easy when you know how...
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