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  1. Just ride whatever bike you have on the course which suites your ability on that particular bike, enjoy your day and go home.
  2. Thanks, we were looking for this type which are inside a sealed bag but appears nobody is making them. Plenty of others about that will do the job was just trying to find the these ones. Thanks for the offer.
  3. Anybody know where we might be able to buy these type of trials Observer score sheets. They have a carbon copy inside. Not available from usual source who's details are printed on the bottom.
  4. Bassenthwaite & DMC recently donated £500 to two local good causes, £250 to Friends of Mary Hewitson Hospital Keswick presented by Club member Richard Gaskell to Mr Mike Bulman & Mrs Dorothy Savage and also £250 to Cumbria Blood Bikes presented by Club members Stuart Gaskell and Lewis Gaskell (on bike) to ex TT sidecar driver Rob Fisher The money was raised from the club's summer evening Charity trials.
  5. oldyam

    The SY250R Clutch

    Always used Motul 4T oil and found clutch nice enough.
  6. This Sunday's trial at Glenridding has had to be cancelled due to extremely wet conditions at the venue.
  7. Tomorrows trial is still on and not affected by the heavy rain other areas are experiencing.
  8. Almost sure it will be radiator cap, i replaced two (in 7 years) on mine.
  9. Just ride your bike as much as possible.
  10. Wrong side of 15 stone, been using Dunlops run at 4psi with no problems.
  11. Yes that will be more than enough fuel
  12. What pressure should i use in a X - Light rear, do i need slightly more in say 5psi or is 4-4.5 ok, not used an X-light before and mostly ride rocks/beck sections.
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