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  1. Caglio Italia 9/10 april ttps://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNqAdb2uQQBGDzGmS4TSrB56n1ShWq1oK-wAuVO3Bv0GraiMaBRVkEGRZKYL9qU2w?key=U0dsRzBpZ25uS2xJN21GZV9XSlJvUDdUY2d6T1d3
  2. Hi I ride only the 240 and the 300, never the 200, and this is my opinion My weight is 82 kg and high 1.78 cm, so i raced a 240 with sterring angle modified and footpeg modified, engine with 26 phbh, well it's light and turn tight but not so stable and i'm not able to jump up and down with the wheel as many do. I suffered the distance between first and second gear and at the bottom the engine is not so strong. Well most rider hate the 300 and i understand, but modified the cilinder and the head and also put a 305 front fork and reduce the weight where you can, well after this you will find a bike stable like a rock with an engine with good bottom that never lose you and with a correct first and second gear, and you can do nostop zone in second gear with a great traction ..... and don't forget a superb sound when you kick ? see you Alberto
  3. Hi finally we started ! here pictures and results of ProPark Genova www.infotrial.it here with my fat 300 ?
  4. it's a tsunami here in Italy we are simply one step ahead, so you can see what happen before last week we closed most of the shop restaurant pub et so on, now Spain and France do the same hospitals in north Italy are an exellence but now we are in a dramatic situation in the hospitals due to a lot of sicks, in addition, many doctors and nurses are now ill so no one can take care of the numerous patients, the hospitals have many deaths and do not have time to make the funeral, my father is dying (not from the virus) I had to book the dead man's chest because there are none! the best thing we can do now is not to have contact with other people and ...... pray (we have the time now)
  5. at the moment (march 14) in italy 17.750 coronavirus and 1441 dies in my town march 2 was 2 coronavirus today 570 coronavirus all this in 12 days ....
  6. Hi here in Italy you can only walk, car only if you need to go in office for work (if you still work) no practice for trial motocross road bike mountain bike et so on, nothing nothing nothing Police stop you and ask you where are you going, you have to prove what are you doing (most of shop are close exept food and medicin) ... in a word we have to stay at home absolutly, the hospital are full
  7. alberto

    Fantic 301?

    gear box 500 ml of ATF oil or light gear oil Putoline, or RS75 Putoline (my favorit) mix 50:1 with mineral 2t oil or 70/80:1 with 100%sintetic 2t oil or 65:1 with semisintethic 2 t oil
  8. alberto

    Fantic 301?

    it's a 301 1985 1° serie here some info: https://www.fanticmotor.asso.fr/r10q.htm in my opinion a nice bike, some problems with the rear linkage, and the front brake too poor about spare parts, i can suggest you many place here in Italy but i think you can find many parts also in Uk
  9. some pics from Italy https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNuF1yYUfpC3IXsDLJqzxeFW1sVY8X0FgpzXqb--5KQfv44uDMmR8l-MXD39-ZBlg?key=dWJLZktoT1p4c0NCcVlhSmVRa09JWDJnTXM1dHBR
  10. probably you have to change the seals my oko run with 35 pilot 105 main jjh 3clip at least change the ignition seal, so you don't have to open the engine
  11. i only weld the footpegs 1-2 cm low, not back
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