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  1. alberto

    april 13/14 Caglio first round Italy

    here some pictures from Caglio http://www.mototrial.it/ https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNE4XRrwPDJoDOtIAZms1We-ZF2iqTqhn6sR61UgWuz3mOHVQNNp2yzMv_52nm3lw?key=cGktUXBPQkwyeGxZNThqUFBTanVnaWptS0ZDdjB3 thank to all the riders who arrived from Uk, it was a pleasure to see you ride on rocks, mud and roots (Den Clark, Steve Monk, Robert from Sheffild and many others) thank you also to the spanish, german and suisse riders that make great this race
  2. Next weekend will start the italian classic championship, hope to see many foreigner rider with their old machine http://www.motoclubcanzo.it/?p=2220
  3. alberto

    Fantic 240 Gearing

    front 11 rear 42
  4. alberto

    1989 Fantic 305 - Clutch Not Working

    it's a Fantic 307 consider how many money cost you restore this bike 🤔
  5. A winter day with trial vintage in Parma (Italy) Lukly no snow, or water and also warm condition +12° Me (Fantic 303) and my son (240 with number 109) with some friends http://www.infotrial.it/raduno-parma-epoca-2019.html
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  9. alberto

    TX300 oil ratio

    Correct One nou 😉 , i'm still running my Fantic (240-300-303-305) air cooled at 80:1 , now with Nils Duo Synt S 100% sint. without problems with pistons, cylinder wall or other. Very important correct jet, and needle. Poor carburtion is very dangerous. But i ride only in trial sections (zona) where the engine run always at low rpm, sure i if ride my bike in mountain with long climb and hot temperature i put more oil in the mix, but always less than 50:1 with sint oil.
  10. alberto

    Fantic 301 carb

    needle x5 but i suggest you 1 st notch
  11. alberto

    Gear box oil I know

    i think you can put in your bike, it's an high protection gear oil, i have used in Fantic section the Motul HD 80/90 high viscosity oil (for hypoid) and it was the only oil that allow us to run without slepper cluthc problems. Yes high viscosity oil have a problem sometime in trial gearbox, the disc do not detached as well as a low viscosity oil, expecially at low temperature sorry for my english 😅
  12. alberto

    Italian vintage trial Ormea

    last round of national championship Ormea Cuneo region Piemonte http://www.infotrial.it/2018-epoca-ormea.html
  13. alberto

    beta 2019

    here some pictures http://www.infotrial.it/beta-evo-2019.html
  14. alberto

    Montesa 349 what year???

    yes it's the first 349, the second 349 red had a lower seat, then arrive the white 349 the red 349 had some problems (broken frame and gear box) and heavy to ride in classic trial race you never see a 349 (at least in Italy)