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  1. What did I buy?

    Welcome 6bt, This is the Fantic part of the forum so you’re sure to get unbiased opinions! But really, they’re great bikes. I agree about yours probably being a 301. First year for the mono shock and front disc (with a funky cable/hydraulic system). Pretty sure Fantics never got any bigger than 247cc Mike at the Tryals Shop has a lot of Fantic parts and knowledge plus he’s in your own backyard. If Mike doesn’t have it, there’s an insane amount of support available from the UK and a wealth of info here.
  2. Jumbo Project/Tank badges

    Hi Nigel, My post above from January 21 shows the printed badges. I had them printed with a filament printer hence the coarse resolution. I’ll have access to an SLA printer shortly and will have another go at it then.
  3. Jumbo Project/Tank badges

    Hey Motosinge83, That looks sharp. I like the black background. Are they stickers?
  4. Jumbo 350 countershaft sprocket

    Thanks Fourex. Thirteen tooth on order!
  5. Jumbo 350 countershaft sprocket

    My 350 Jumbo had a 15 tooth countershaft sprocket which looks gigantic. Does anyone know what the original set up was for front and rear? Also are there supposed to be spacers between the front sprocket guard and the engine cases? Thanks
  6. Jumbo Project/Tank badges

    PM sent
  7. Fantic 200 Front Forks

    Here is a formula and explanation of how to calculate your spring rate: http://www.bluecoilspring.com/rate.htm I've developed the habit of starting off with 10wt in one leg and 5wt in the other. Effectively yielding 7.5wt, then if you want to go up or down in weight you only need change one side
  8. Jumbo Project/Tank badges

    Sorry for the long delay in getting to the update. Thanks to zisco for the artwork I was able to create a better CAD. I had some printed out and they're just adequate. The resolution is pretty rough. Yellow plastic with painted lettering. These will be ok for now. I'm happy to share the CAD file with anyone who wants get there own made up.
  9. 1984 Fantic 300 stator rebuild

    In the US, the Tryals Shop is your best bet for Fantic parts. If he doesn't have what you need, email Bob Wright and see if he has a "source coil" for the 300. I got one from him a few years back for mine and it didn't break the bank. Search back through the posts on this forum and you'll find a wiring diagram. http://www.bobwrightmotorcycles.co.uk/ http://www.tryalsshop.com/
  10. Jig for machining brake shoes

    Some good pictures here: http://www.racetech.com/page/title/Brake Arcing You'd probably need to do a dozen or more sets to justify making the tooling. Some claim that the drum should be trued only with the wheel laced and at full tension because it can change the shape of the drum
  11. Import a used bike from Spain to California?

    Hi Rick, My "good friend" brought in bikes from the UK and EU and swears he'll never do it again. Maybe you can ship several boxes of "motorcycle parts" and have no problems. And maybe customs will decide you need to send it back. If you do get it in and decide to sell it some day, the value is much less without a title. The one or two grand you may save could be quickly lost. Overall seems a big risk to me. Call Lewisport and tell them what you're looking for. Go to some PITS events and ask around. Expand your radius and check Oregon, SoCal, Arizona. It's not a wasteland here, you'll find something. Also, depending upon where in the bay area you are, if you have an OHV sticker you can ride Metcalf (smaller park with some nice trials areas) which is about and hour away or Hollister which is about another half hour further Happy Hunting!
  12. Jumbo Project/Tank badges

    Hey zisko, I tried sending you my info but got a notice that you can't receive messages
  13. Jumbo Project/Tank badges

    Using various pictures online, I've come up with these versions. The "W" on the right side badge seems to need a little tweaking. Do any of you have input as to how accurate this is, what to change etc? Once the 2D version is right, I'll make it 3D and shop around for an RP shop to print. If that works out I'll be happy to share
  14. Jumbo Project/Tank badges

    Hey motom, not yet. No reply from France so I'll probably ramp up the CAD and have them printed. The SWM has been on the back burner as I've been overwhelmed wt work. It's probably going to be a while before I get back to it but I'm happy to keep you in the loop when the time comes.