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  1. Only ever used WD40 or similar light oil as it is more consistent and does not affect carburation. I also use a white spray grease on the inside of the airbox to attract any dust that gets through. To renew I just add another coating.
  2. mattylad

    Which one to have..

    The Mont 242 seems to be a very underrated bike.
  3. mattylad

    Montesa Cota 330 owners.

    That is a purposeful looking bike, and for the first time one that looks good with black rims!!!
  4. mattylad

    Spares and accessories at a trial

    Tyre pressure gauge
  5. mattylad

    World Trial Calender

    Probably be able to do Italy, Belgium and France. Never seen a trial in Holland but as I don't like indoor trials I will give it a miss anyway. I agree all too close together but will maximise spectators. Sad that UK could not arrange one.
  6. mattylad

    Signing out........

    Best of luck in overcoming your issues.
  7. Is it just me or is anyone else surprised how long it is taking to generate the new calendar by the FIM. Given a provisional one was issued by Sport 7 there must have been plans in place. Need to think about my year planning, booking flights accommodation etc, but where to and when!
  8. mattylad

    Montesa 242 tank

    I have always wondered if the fuel tank extends over the airbox so that the seat height is raised
  9. mattylad


    Frame looks complicated for a low cost option, a simpler design such as the Cotswold would have been easier.
  10. mattylad

    Imperial bolt question...

    One language so many options!
  11. mattylad

    Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    Ok let me retry, I really like that little black number you kitted her out in! Feeling better?
  12. mattylad

    Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    I was thinking of having a black rims fitted to my Yam mono. Looking at yours it looks kind of heavy, obviously an optical illusion so now need a rethink!
  13. mattylad

    Wet weather gear?

    I use a Paramo smock with a merino t shirt underneath or a Buffalo Special six or Montane, pertex and pile jacket. Not waterproof but best breathing combo to remove sweat which is what also makes you cold. For Leggings I use Event fabric.
  14. mattylad

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    World championships are all the same, wide open throttle to big step. After fiddle around getting lined up, repeat and then repeat. Totally boring to watch and with only pseudo natural hazards it's coming to a natural end. From watching videos only Japan breaks the mould. I went to the Italian round this year and left before the end such was the interest for me. Belgian was much better. I wonder what Holland will be like in 2019.
  15. mattylad

    Richard Thorpe Aka "Mr PJ1"

    Top bloke, sadly missed.RIP