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  1. Toby Martyn

    Does not the radio silence speak volumes. Nothing will be done, medals awarded, history written. Justice ?????
  2. Pikeyboy

    Penetrating oil, heat and shock, sometimes all three required
  3. Bruno and Bear a robust pair of competitors
  4. Maxton T260-C Shocks.

    They are very good, are they worth the expense....debatable
  5. Slovak Championship trial 19-20 May 2018

    Nice to see a TY 175 at a national championship trial. Which classes do they run
  6. Trials club around Lake Maggiore Italy

    Born and bred in the Dark Peak not lived there for a good few years but as they say home is where the heart is.
  7. Trials club around Lake Maggiore Italy

    Thanks for the replies, looks like I should be OK for a few events a year. Sheffield will always be in my heart no matter where I am.
  8. I have been offered a job on the eastern side towards the south end of Lake Maggiore. I hope there are lots of clubs in the region but where are they? Thanks
  9. 'Ol Blu and 'Ol Yeller...

    For some reason I prefer the yellow version, although I did like the Birkett TY he did in blue for the Scottish. Both of yours look very nice though Have you thought of adding a Yamaha logo or tuning fork to the fuel tank as it looks a little bare without a manufacturer identification?
  10. Best ever 35mm forks

    Anything goes
  11. Best ever 35mm forks

    What do you consider to be the best ever 35mm forks you have ever ridden? My two favourites are Fantic 305 and Honda TLM260.
  12. Honda TLM250 piston

    Thanks but at 375 euro for a bare piston I'll give it a miss. He seems to but confusing telephone numbers with prices.... 780 euro for a calliper!
  13. Honda TLM250 piston

    I am looking to rebore my TLM and need a new piston kit. The part number is 13120 F8F 630 or 13120 NN! 000 which are both HRC numbers. Is there an alternative that would work? Thanks
  14. 50-125cc Trials engine

    Have you thought about a ready made trials engine with tons of spares available? The legendary TY80 or maybe the bigger TY125/175.
  15. Dust in carb- acceptable

    Ideally dust should not get past the filter so the above is relevant, however I also smear the inner surface of the airbox with a layer of grease which helps to trap any dust heading towards the engine, especially the entrance to the carb boot. If it gets further than this increased engine wear will occur.