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  1. mattylad

    VF mudguards

    They are like rocking horse stuff to find. Try some old dealers near you you will be suprised what is lurking. I got a new pair on the bay for my works DMW.
  2. I wonder how much the doping ban affected the change?
  3. No I was refering to the sanction not being applied earlier
  4. I agree it is not the riders fault, it is the organisation that issues the licence and sanctions his participation in full knowledge of the facts. We should be discussing the role of the Federation and the FIM
  5. For me the problem is he was allowed to ride, got the publicity for his employer over the last year. For every podium he scored the photos are flashed around the world, this denies the same exposure to the 4th place person, from a different team. Then on one day he is banned and everyone then forgets about it immediately. I assume he will not be riding the indoor season.
  6. Last time I looked the FIM was based in Switzerland which is not part of the EU...
  7. http://www.trialgp.com/images/pdfs/GP.pdf Seems he is excluded from the 2019 Championship results.
  8. I would say good rear shocks and tyres should also be on the shopping list.
  9. I would say as a period machine the TY250 is by far the best option with superb spares availability. (not that you will need many). I had a Montesa UKR in my youth which has fond memories. In terms of outright performance a 325 Bulto was the one to have.
  10. Is the stroke the same on both engines, possibly not in which case not possible.
  11. Tounge in cheek the oil may be coming from the big hole just above it. Seriously what is this hole for? Is it made so that the pushrods can be located easily? I have also had problems with sealing but used a thicker softer material (cannot remember what) but more like a square edged O ring (which I got from Martyn Adams I think). Lets us know if the alloy tube does the trick.
  12. IMHO the 250 is a better bike today. The 325 is more of a lumpy brute but will pull high gears in slippery conditions. I have never needed parts so seem reliable.
  13. I would fabricate an alloy tank to sit inside the cover as they did on UK bikes. See the "Shedworks" site for examples. PS lovely bike
  14. Yesterday was very random, with Jeroni starting first in GP class, all done by simple ballot. Class however did show in the end with 1,2,3 of last years rankings finishing in that order.
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