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  1. mattylad

    gas gas 250/325 aire ACM

    IMHO the 250 is a better bike today. The 325 is more of a lumpy brute but will pull high gears in slippery conditions. I have never needed parts so seem reliable.
  2. mattylad

    Cota 247 VUK fuel tank problems

    I would fabricate an alloy tank to sit inside the cover as they did on UK bikes. See the "Shedworks" site for examples. PS lovely bike
  3. mattylad

    Qualifying Italy

    Yesterday was very random, with Jeroni starting first in GP class, all done by simple ballot. Class however did show in the end with 1,2,3 of last years rankings finishing in that order.
  4. mattylad

    Qualifying Italy

    Why not get rid of qualifying, it is nothing to do with trials. A Saturday and Sunday event would be much better, like it was a few years ago. The climb over the logs was a joke, slippery logs, separated by (less than a wheelbase) smooth painted concrete on a steep hillside and then wet through. When the very best in the world cannot get through twice something is seriously amiss
  5. mattylad

    Wheel bearings.

    Before you fit new bearings flip out the dust seals with a Stanley knife blade or similar and fill the voids with grease. Often water gets in corrodes the bearing which then fails.
  6. mattylad

    Ross Noble Off Road

    Format was a bit repetitive "park ferme" joke was overdone (to death). However gave a good impression of how energy sapping the inter section going is.
  7. mattylad

    TRS Ground Clearance Lower Than Others

    I have yet to find a rock that would stop me every time on a bike with 1" less ground clearance, that I could get over on another brand. Perhaps more a question of confidence (you expect it to happen so it does) and technique not being quite the same an a different bike. (More knee action required perhaps).
  8. mattylad

    Kick Start Lever Required for Jumbo.

    The Aprilia Climber kick start also fits but not the same shape.
  9. mattylad

    Scorpa sy250f pump carb

    Look on scorpa usa website they have full manuals and parts list under documentation.
  10. Only ever used WD40 or similar light oil as it is more consistent and does not affect carburation. I also use a white spray grease on the inside of the airbox to attract any dust that gets through. To renew I just add another coating.
  11. mattylad

    Which one to have..

    The Mont 242 seems to be a very underrated bike.
  12. mattylad

    Montesa Cota 330 owners.

    That is a purposeful looking bike, and for the first time one that looks good with black rims!!!
  13. mattylad

    Spares and accessories at a trial

    Tyre pressure gauge
  14. mattylad

    World Trial Calender

    Probably be able to do Italy, Belgium and France. Never seen a trial in Holland but as I don't like indoor trials I will give it a miss anyway. I agree all too close together but will maximise spectators. Sad that UK could not arrange one.
  15. mattylad

    Signing out........

    Best of luck in overcoming your issues.