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  1. Looking to inquire about obtaining an OE shifter pedal, if you have some extras.
  2. I'm still on the hunt... Would you recommend a universal from Amazon?
  3. I'd like to get in contact with you about possible shipment of a spare lever.
  4. For some reason it didn't post, probably user error. Thanks for the quick reply... A little bit of both and the eBay selections aren't very wallet friendly. Thinking about it more it looks less likely to break. 😅
  5. So, my maiden weekend voyage on a new-to-me 47 year old TY250, I managed to find the weak link in the aftermarket shift pedal... What I'm trying to find is anyone and everyone out there with background on replacing one on their TY, and which one they went with... Also my first bike in general and I'm kicking myself for taking so long. Short of ordering random ones off the internet and trying them the next time I get a day off... Which doesn't sound like something I want to gamble on... Because I'd rather ride. 😁
  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence on that posting!! I probably came across it 5 times on my hunt for it posted elsewhere haha. Appreciate the time and take care!
  7. I am unable to send a PM hahaha find meee
  8. Oof I stumbled upon this and want to breathe some life into this thread.
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