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  1. The 2019 model has Kevlar plates. These were a massive improvement on the 2017, 2017 E4 and 2018 models. Something had been changed on these models as the tolerance is now set between 9.90 - 10.02. The 2 steel plates are set-up differently you have one at 2mm and the other one at around 1.4 to get it within tolerance. You can adjust the speed of the clutch using the 3 different positions of the bolts, as mentioned above. The diameter of the hose and the type of master cylinder that is on the bike and also make a difference. My advice is that if the clutch works well but is slightly heavy then leave it alone. I prefer one that is heavy but has really good feel. Sometimes you can mess with it to make it lighter and the clutch performance deteriorates.
  2. Your old one IS knackered but it was quite common to cut down the bump stop to give more travel before bottoming out. I used to cut about 10mm from the bottom (not the tapered end). Also the damping adjuster was set all the way out and NEVER altered. Not as good quality wise as the Ohlins but always seemed to work well on the GG. Reiger shock and updated linkage on the 2012 was the first improvement in 10 years.
  3. Pretty sure it is standard. However the S3 Inserts wont fit the standard head anymore (GG changed them) so you will need to buy the S3 outer as well.
  4. Looks like a 99 model. I'd drain the fuel and put fresh (2 stroke) in and also strip the carb as mentioned and clean air filter and spark plug. Those bikes were bulletproof
  5. Just to shed a little more light on the subject. The observer had given a 5 so whether or not it was the correct decision is irrelevant. He had been consistent all day. The 'outside influence' that the sport7 statement mentioned wasn't just the crowd but also Gratta's main sponsor (who is Italian) and also a big sponsor of the trials park where the event was held. After a discussion with him the observer changed his decision to a 0. A few points to note: sport7 cant change the decision as they are just the promoter. The main FIM guy (Race Director I think is his title) was not at the event due to a family bereavement. From personal experience I know he wouldn't have let this happen.
  6. Splatshop will be able to get it repaired for you
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