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  1. 50:1 would probably be ideal when running on a dyno but the reality is that most of the time we are riding round just off tick-over. 60ml of oil has worked for me riding GG for 20+ years and I haven't seized one yet. Standard carb settings aren't far off for the UK. Ive run 45 pilot, 125 main and (std) needle lifted up one notch (std slide) for years.
  2. Yes far too much oil. You want 60ml of 2t per 5 litres of petrol. I use Putoline mx9 which seems to burn better than others Ive tried. Also super unleaded fuel from either BP or Shell makes a difference. Best case scenario is that all of your silencer packing is soaked in oil which is why it smokes when hot. Worst case is crank seal has gone. If it was the crank seal then you could tell from the smell of the burning oil and your gearbox oil would be low. If thats ok then personally Id go a few miles down the road on it then (when cools down) repack the silencer. Trialendurodirect.com do this which is dead easy: https://trialendurodirect.com/product/expanding-exhaust-packing/ and this which in my view is better but a lot more involved: https://trialendurodirect.com/product/silent-sport-exhaust-packing/
  3. Yes it was the best quality image I could find. There isn't that much difference between the 19 and the 20, certainly not in the clutch.
  4. 2019 bike is slightly different to that video. They redesigned the case to make it easier to get to (see pic). Think you can get away without taking off the kickstart but its only one bolt and easier with it out of the way. Just under middle case bolts (leave the water pump alone) paying attention to the length of the bolts (3 different lengths) and remove case with hydraulics still connected. Use a zip tie to fasten out of the way. You can remove bolts next to the numbers and change the settings to either 1,2 or 3. Once you put the first bolt on its new setting move the rest accordingly with equal spacing. The different bolt positions alters the amount of pressure on the clutch pack and changes the speed of the clutch. I've also attached a picture of the Xiurdi plate which is the guy that designed it. GG one is the same just different colour.
  5. The silencer/exhaust is one complete unit unlike the older models where the silencer was separate. Do you mean the plastic exhaust end cap? These can be vulnerable especially for people who like to sit on the back of the airbox whilst pulling wheelies. You can put an extra pop rivet in between the 2 bolt holes on the top that helps with this. If you still have problems then you can by an alloy aftermarket end cap which is a bit more substantial: https://www.splatshop.co.uk/bdi-dpm-gasgas-aluminium-silencer-end-piece-2010-onwards.html
  6. bumpy_ltd

    Ty250r mono 1985

    The question I would ask is why have you (or someone else) put a cheap copy of a Keihin carb on especially seeing as you have spent so much time and effort modifying this bike? Surely it would make sense to pay the extra for the Keihin and then see if you can set the carb up.
  7. Both 1999 and 2000 were available in red or blue. The 2000 model was almost orange
  8. The 1999 model 258cc was called a 270. It changed in 2000 where it was called 280. In 2002 the TXT pro was released alongside the old TXT which was now called the Edition. The pro had a different frame and engine. The main difference between the 99 TXT and 2000 TXT was that the 99 had a rear subframe and the 2000 did not. To fit this the rear mudguard/seat on the 2000 was in 2 pieces where as the 99 was one complete unit. Hope that helps
  9. bumpy_ltd

    GG UK riders

    Jack Price needed a factory deal so that he could continue his career at world level. He did have a deal offered from GGUK but the Vertigo deal was better. Sam Haslam has ridden under the John Lee Motorcycles banner for the past few years. John Lee are now Montesa dealers so want to push the brand. GGUK are expecting delivery of new bikes sooner rather than later. Currently you can still purchase the last few 2019 models, GG spares, S3 parts, mots clothing and other trials product from their sister website Trial Enduro Direct. Shirty will still be attending the BTC (as he has for the last 30+ years) and the SSDT as well as various Enduros not to mention riding wherever he can. I don't know of another dealer that puts as much effort into UK Trials and Enduro. Time to put away the pitch forks! Cheers Dan
  10. The 2019 model has Kevlar plates. These were a massive improvement on the 2017, 2017 E4 and 2018 models. Something had been changed on these models as the tolerance is now set between 9.90 - 10.02. The 2 steel plates are set-up differently you have one at 2mm and the other one at around 1.4 to get it within tolerance. You can adjust the speed of the clutch using the 3 different positions of the bolts, as mentioned above. The diameter of the hose and the type of master cylinder that is on the bike and also make a difference. My advice is that if the clutch works well but is slightly heavy then leave it alone. I prefer one that is heavy but has really good feel. Sometimes you can mess with it to make it lighter and the clutch performance deteriorates.
  11. Your old one IS knackered but it was quite common to cut down the bump stop to give more travel before bottoming out. I used to cut about 10mm from the bottom (not the tapered end). Also the damping adjuster was set all the way out and NEVER altered. Not as good quality wise as the Ohlins but always seemed to work well on the GG. Reiger shock and updated linkage on the 2012 was the first improvement in 10 years.
  12. Pretty sure it is standard. However the S3 Inserts wont fit the standard head anymore (GG changed them) so you will need to buy the S3 outer as well.
  13. Looks like a 99 model. I'd drain the fuel and put fresh (2 stroke) in and also strip the carb as mentioned and clean air filter and spark plug. Those bikes were bulletproof
  14. Just to shed a little more light on the subject. The observer had given a 5 so whether or not it was the correct decision is irrelevant. He had been consistent all day. The 'outside influence' that the sport7 statement mentioned wasn't just the crowd but also Gratta's main sponsor (who is Italian) and also a big sponsor of the trials park where the event was held. After a discussion with him the observer changed his decision to a 0. A few points to note: sport7 cant change the decision as they are just the promoter. The main FIM guy (Race Director I think is his title) was not at the event due to a family bereavement. From personal experience I know he wouldn't have let this happen.
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