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  1. Ben65

    2019 GG 300 GP

    Well I’ve bought it now- it’s on a truck as we speak heading south. it was used by multiple Aussie champ last year at a few rounds. Comes with new unused rear shock, new front brake system, new barrel, new piston, refreshed forks. im in no way anywhere near as good as this bike is, but after selling a couple of bikes lately and making a few dollars on them, it’s cost me not much at all. I can’t wait for it to arrive.
  2. Ben65

    2019 GG 300 GP

    Thank you bumpy_ltd. Seeing as it’s the last year they were 100% GG, is there anywhere I could look to see how many of them were built? I’ve looked, but can’t see. thanks
  3. Ben65

    2019 GG 300 GP

    Howdy. Ive sold the Sherco, now looking at a 2019 300GP. Could someone pls tell me the difference between the GP models and Racing models pls. I’ve looked, but I can’t find any relevant info. what are people’s thoughts on the 2019 GP?? thank you.
  4. I definitely need to keep my head up more.
  5. Ben65

    Beta evo 80. 2019

    He’s over the moon with the new bike!
  6. Thanks, and good points. I think I’ve got a bit of time on my hands to master these ones firstly- I’d love to be able to ride the balance beams at will. They’ve got me a bit flustered atm. Practice practice practice I guess.
  7. Started a wee FB page if anyone is interested.
  8. Gloves were used for moving logs and pallets!! I must’ve got a tad excited and ‘misplaced’ my other gear.
  9. Thanks, but my bike is a Sherco, not a GasGas. It’s sounding like from the 2 replies that 400ml is correct though. cheers
  10. I looked through the forum, but couldn’t find my answer. I can’t find an online manual either, so I ask... 2013 or 2015 300 Factory(Gold head). What amount of oil do these engines take, and what viscosity/weight. I live in southern Australia, and it’s about to start getting warmer soon. Thsnk you. Ben.
  11. Well, this newbie got the course building bug on the weekend. I love cutting in new single tracks in the bush for my TE300i, and it’s looking like building trials courses will scratch my itch also. Ive just upgraded my 04 Gasser 250 to a Sherco 300 Factory, that looks like it’s a 13 with some fancy stuff thrown on. My boy has a Gasser50 which we’ve just sold, and this week pick him up a Beta 80. The course will no doubt evolve as time goes on- please feel free to suggest obstacles. I’ll be picking up some tractor tyres this week- just not sure on how is the best way to set them up. ***Well that didn’t work- I couldn’t even upload a 10second vid!! Any help??
  12. Ben65

    Beta evo 80. 2019

    Thank you for that info
  13. Ben65

    Beta evo 80. 2019

    Thanks Nick- yeah I’ve just seen it’s the same bike for quite a few years. I listed the 50Boy for sale and it sold within 12hrs! I’ve now ordered a 2019 Evo 80, and it should arrive in a week. Looking forward to watching the lads progression on this bike- should be fun for both of us.
  14. Ben65

    Beta evo 80. 2019

    Hi all- second post here. Im looking at upgrading my sons bike from a GasGas50Boy to a Beta 80. Im guessing this is how most kids go?? Would I be better looking for another brand, or the Beta is fine? The lad is just 8, only a little fella, has been riding his trials bike on and off for a year, and has quite a few years experience with his HuskyTC50. Thanks Ben
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